Biology 2012 Solved Paper Previous Year Question ICSE

(b) (i) A – Artery, B – Vein
A has narrow lumen and thick muscular wall
B has wide lumen and thin muscular wall.
(ii) 1 – Endothelium
2 – Lumen
(iii) “LUBB”: Sound is produced when the two atrioventricular valves shut.
“DUP”: Sound is produced when the two semi lunar valves shut 1 Begins and ends in capillaries: “Hepatic portal Vein”.
2. Supplies blood to the walls of the Heart: “Coronary artery”.

Question 7:

(a) Answer the following :
(i) Draw a well labelled diagram of a ‘Neuron’ and name the following parts
(1) Node of Randier
(2) Nissil granules
(3) Cyton
(ii) Name the part of the human brain which is concerned with the following :
(1) Heat of memory (2) Coordinates muscular activity
(iii) Mention any three major activities or the WHO.    [5]
(b) (i) Draw a well labelled diagram to show the meta phase stage of Mitosis in an animal cell having four chromosomes.
(ii) Mention any two reasons for the population Increase In INDIA.
(iii) Give biological reasons for the following:
(1) Pituitary gland is also known as the master gland.
(2) Gametes have a haploid number of chromosome.    [5]

Answer: 7


(a) (i)
(ii) 1. Seat of Memory: Cerebrum.
2. Co-ordinates muscular activity: Cerebellum.
(iii) Activities of WHO:
1. Set pharmaceutical standards.
2. Suggests Quarantine measures.
3. Finances research on various diseases.
4. Suggests vaccinations against various diseases.

(b) (i)
(ii) 1. Desire for a male child.
2. Lack of awareness about birth control measures.
(iii) 1. Pituitary gland secretes hormones that regulates all other endocrine glands so it is called the master gland.
2. Gametes are produced by Meiosis in which the number of chromosomes gets reduced to half. So they are haploid.
Also so that during fertilisation the zygote has diploid number of chromosomes.

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