Calorimetry Obj-1 HC Verma Solutions Vol-2 Class-12 Ch-25

Calorimetry Obj-1 HC Verma Solutions Vol-2 Ch-25 Concept of Physics for Class-12. Step by Step Solutions of Objective -1 (MCQ-1) Questions of Chapter-25 Calorimetry (Concept of Physics) .Visit official Website CISCE for detail information about ISC Board Class-11 Physics.

Calorimetry Obj-1 HC Verma Solutions Vol-2 Class-12 Ch-25

Board ISC and other board
Publications Bharti Bhawan Publishers
Chapter-25 Calorimetry
Class 12
Vol  2nd
writer HC Verma
Book Name Concept of Physics
Topics Solution of Objective-1 (MCQ-1) Questions
Page-Number 46

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Calorimetry Objective-1 (MCQ-1) Questions

HC Verma Solutions of Ch-25  Vol-2 Concept of Physics for Class-12


Question-1 :-

The specific heat capacity of a body depends on.

(a) the heat given

(b) the temperature raised

(c) the mass of the body

(d) the material of the body

Answer-1 :-

The option (d) the material of the body is correct

Heat capacity of a body is due to their material properties. Due to different molecular structures, different bodies have a different capacity to absorb heat. Therefore, specific heat of a body depends on the material of the body.

As work done in raising temperature of a body is actually the heat supplied to the body, heat and work may be represented in the same unit.

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