CISCE Exam 2023 Keywords: Importance in Descriptive Ans

CISCE Exam 2023 Keywords: Importance in Descriptive Ans. Why Keywords Important in ICSE / ISC Descriptive Ans. What is the importance and how can use the right keywords.  Now we are discussing the answer of these questions as CISCE exam is going to be held in descriptive format very soon.

CISCE Exam 2023 Keywords: Important in Descriptive Ans

Yes, of course it is important to write the correct keywords in  various subject ,because without the keywords you may not get full marks however you write very good answer.

Council Deliver the Marking Scheme and Keywords

Actually, they keywords are the only things that will be checked in your answer script. When answer sheet  to be checked ,

CISCE Exam 2023 Keywords Importance in Descriptive Ans

Council deliver the marking scheme and keywords to each checker (teacher) because the questions actually ask only for the keywords anyway, the rest are fillers. And of course, you can use a synonym of the keyword.

Usefull in Descriptive Type Exam

It is extremely important to write keywords in descriptive type exam of CISCE. The board examiner has bundles of papers to check in one day and may not have time to sit and read each line of your answer . Reading all the answers quickly may not give justice to your answer

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