CISCE Happy Update: Two Level Maths for ICSE Class 10

CISCE Happy Update: The cisce will soon announce a very happy update for their student. this plans if adopted then it will be more friendly than ever as more and more option would be available to choose the right subject for student according to their interest and future plans.

CISCE Happy Update Two Level Maths for ICSE Class 10

CISCE Happy Update: Standard and Basic Maths to Choose

 Council is planning to introduce two levels of mathematics, one for students who have no difficulty with the existing syllabus, the other which will be easier in comparison, will be meant for those who face problems in coping with the subject, Gerry Arathoon, secretary and chief executive of the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE), said

Some Educational Board Already Adopted

As per report some educational board such as CBSE and state board has given the option to choose the level of maths. There is two level of maths one of them is called standard maths while other one is basic maths.

Why Council Planned Two Level of Maths to Choose in CISCE

According to expert , Mathematics is a crucial subject and it is important for every student to develop a certain level of confident in the subject to achieve the goal. At the same time many students are weaker than ordinary  student. Basic mathematics is meant for those who do not want to study the subject after Class X

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There is mathphobia  in their minds which leads to failures or drop in the overall percentage of marks in the board exams. Although they would not choose maths in higher class.

Child Friendly Update

According to report, intends to introduce two levels of mathematics so that students who are weak in the subject can learn only the basic and important concepts which is useful for a common student. They will not have to learn the difficult topics and the difficulty level of the questions would also not be very high which will help them to do well in the exams, Arathoon said.

New Education Policy (NEP) 2020 has suggested two levels of mathematics

Arathoon said the New Education Policy NEP) 2020 has suggested boards to consider having two levels of mathematics and the council’s plans to introduce the new system is in tune with the NEP recommendation.

Syllabus, Textbooks and Teaching Methods of Both Level Be Same

The syllabus, textbooks and teaching methods of the two levels are the same. There would be change only in question paper level in board exam. The questions in the Basic level are easy whereas those in the Standard would be tougher.


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