CISCE Preboard Effect Final: Do Not Ignore These 5 Fact Otherwise …

CISCE Preboard Effect Final: The student of ICSE class 10 and ISC Class 12 are preparing for their preboard exam. What is the importance of preboard and what happen if some one absent or fail in this exam . There are 5 important fact which you should know if you are preparing for board exam of 2024. lets us discuss in detail.

CISCE Preboard Effect Final

CISCE Preboard Effect Final: How Much This Result Important

Even this what is the importance of Mid term and preboard exam. Answer of such type question available in this article hence let us start now.

CISCE Preboard 2024:  5 Important Fact

  • According to latest report through various reliable sources that  mid term / preboard exam has its own value.  Each school / collage conduct it on some part of syllabus. This is important in many factor.
  • You can check your progress after marking of mid term exam.
  • School maintain a record of your progress.
  • If Board exam not conducted due to certain reason then final mark can be awarded  on performance. of these exam
  • In case of any dispute such that absent in board exam due to medical / Tragedy

What can Do if You Miss the Preboard Exam

If any certain reason you are not appearing in mid term / Preboard  exam then submit the medical certificate / relevant reason before principal . School authority will take final decision on your application. Scholl  authority has enough power to take action on you application.

 Eligible for Final Exam or Not …..?

CISCE has given the enough power to head of the school to take final decision whether you are eligible or not for appearing in board exam . hence all of you are kindly requested to appear in all type exam of your school. so that you may become eligible for your final exam of council.

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