CISCE Sem-2 Exam: Last Moment Preparation Strategy , Follow These Instruction

CISCE sem-2 exam are going to be held in last April. Perhaps your preboard exam has been finish. Your Revision work is in progress . There are some important point to do and not to do at last moments. Therefore we are giving some preparation Strategy at this moment.

Last Moment preperation

CISCE Sem-2 Exam: Last Moment Preparation Strategy

The last moment preparation before exam is a very important for all type exam including CISCE. All your preparation and revision work is now depend on last moment strategy.  Follow these Strategy at last moments.

  1.  Do not study new topics at any circumstances
  2. Prepare a revision time table according your date sheet
  3. Try to solve different type specimen paper of each subject chosen
  4. Revise doubt topics also.
  5. Join question quiz with your class mate subject wise
  6. Highlight the point with highlighter on your self made revision notes again from beginning.
  7. Clear your doubtful topics with the help of teachers / tutors / seniors.
  8. CISCE is expert to transform the question . The same question can be ask in different ways which giving the feeling of new question.
  9. Two or more short questions can be combined to create a long questions.
  10. Develop to understand the sense of question that what does it really ask and which answer may be more fit according the sense of questions.
  11. Take proper rest and eat healthy food.
  12. Kept yourself away from obstruction such as phone call , gaming , browsing,  messaging. TV serials and other programmed.
  13. follow early to bed and early to rise to keep himself cool
  14. Cancel all tour if planned.
  15. Analysis previous year question paper and its solution.
  16. Plan group discussion with your topper class mate if possible.
  17. Check out your preparation regularly by giving test online / offline subject wise
  18. Develop a crucial competition feeling with your class mate to get more score in sem-2.
  19. Be positive and do not loose your heart .

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