CISCE Two Board Exam: How Much Result May Be Change if …….

CISCE Two Board Exam: How Much Result May Be Change if you attempt any one exam. The Indian educational department made the most dramatic change in modern education policy. This policy is that there would be two board exam for student having option to choose a most suitable for student. How much this update is useful for your academic career we have made a quick survey among student. Read the whole article carefully.

CISCE Two Board Exam How Much Result May Be Change if

CISCE Two Board Exam: is This Update Useful for Student

As per guideline, there may be two board exam. Student who are preparing for board exam given mix reaction over the topic. Some of them said that it would be beneficial while most of them given negative response of this update. Student as well as guardian are not totally satisfied with update .

Explanation on Two Exam Format

The National Curriculum Framework 2023 proposes that school boards hold board exams twice a year instead of once a year. This will allow students to take the exam twice and retain their best score. The NCF believes that this will reduce the pressure on students and give them a chance to improve their performance.

Reason of Dislike

Although there are many reason given in our private survey but most popular are discuss here in short.

Two Compulsory Languages in Classes 11 & 12 standard

The updated curriculum framework now requires that all students in Classes 11 and 12 must study a minimum of two languages, with one of them being an Indian language. Currently, students are only able to choose a single language. According to NCF 2023, this revised choice should be promptly implemented, starting from the board exams in 2024.

Science, Arts & Commerce Streams to be Replaced

The NCF has suggested the elimination of inflexible categorization of subjects into traditional streams like science, arts, and commerce. Instead, these streams will be substituted by four distinct “groups” of subjects that students can choose from. The first group pertains to languages, while the second encompasses art education, physical education, and vocational education. Social science and interdisciplinary fields make up the third group, while the fourth group encompasses mathematics and science.

More Analytical Questions

plans to gradually familiarise teachers and students with questions that require understanding and application of concepts and critical thinking,”

 Reason of Like

There are many reason given in support of this update.

Board Exams Will Become Easier

student-friendly approach for all board examinations, including the upcoming CBSE board exam 2024 and various state board exams like those conducted by the Rajasthan Board, Uttar Pradesh board, and others. The underlying principle of this educational policy is to assess fundamental concepts and skills across different subjects, ensuring a rigorous evaluation of authentic learning without sacrificing quality.

Chance to Appear in Any One as Your Preparation

There would be option to attend in any one board exam as preparation. There would be no compulsory to appear in both exam.


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