Day Before the Exam Tips: Do Not Miss These Point

Life is full of exam in many ways. Some of them are written exam in early stage of life example test, board exam, competitive exam. There is no doubt that board exams are stressful. The CISCE  announced the board exam of ICSE and ISC for Sem-2 to be conducted from 25/26 of April 2022.

The night before the exam can be especially hard as you try to fall asleep and may worry about whether you have prepared enough or if you could have done more. In having such thoughts, you are only stressing yourself out more than necessary. Instead, you can choose to follow some of these best practices the night before an exam so that you can remain calm, wake up feeling refreshed, and enter the test ready to do well.

Day Before the Exam Tips Do Not Miss These Point

Tips You Should Do the Night Before the Exam

Day Before the Exam Tips: Regardless of the steps you take to study in advance, here are a few tips and tricks to try before exam

1. Eat a Light / healthy / digestible meal:

You should always eat as Light / healthy / digestible as possible, but this is especially true the evening before a big test and in the day of a test. You will want to eat a balanced meal with some carbohydrates for energy, protein for brainpower and a small amount of natural sugars. Having too much sugar the night before an exam could keep you awake, and if you have high amounts of sugar before an exam, you may feel the crash during the test or it will be hard to focus.

2. Set alarm

The worst thing you can do is miss the test! In order to avoid this, be sure to set your alarm the night before. Rather than hitting snooze consistently, set an extra alarm for a few minutes later so that if you happen to miss the first, you have a backup ready to go off and wake you.

3. Don’t take too much dinner

While it’s always important to stay fit and active, you will want to avoid too much dinner the night before an exam.

4. Get enough sleep:

Sleeping helps your brain both process and retain information. It will also have you ready to go with energy the next day, so aim to get at least 6-8 hours of sleep before exam day

5. Review self made notes:

If you’ve been studying all along in bits and pieces during the course, you will feel better prepared for the test. However, it’s always a good idea to review study notes the day before an exam to refresh your memory

6. Don’t study too late:

Going hand in hand with getting good sleep, don’t pressure yourself to stay up all night to study. Studying late may burn you out and make you more anxious, so set a good cut-off time so that you have time for a healthy dinner with some time to wind down and relax before bed.

7. Work Outdoor for a while:

Working out increases your endorphins and helps to reduce stress levels. It’s always a good idea to do some form of physical activity that you enjoy. Whether that means going for a run, taking a short walk, practicing yoga or taking a group exercise class, getting in physical activity will positively affect both your physical and mental health, and also likely help you sleep better throughout the night.

9. Think Positive with Strong will Power

A strong will power change the result of any matter. Visualizing positive results can help you achieve your goals and stay calm. By seeing yourself taking the test and doing well before it happens, you can help to transform your beliefs into reality.

10. Be Relax and cool

Any decision taking in stress / hurry may be turning point , Therefore you want to be relaxed and cool before an exam. In a relaxed / cool state of mind, you can think more clearly, access your memory, and be best prepared for an exam. In order to relax the night before or the day of an exam, try some of the following: exercise, meditate, do yoga, lessen caffeine intake, decrease sugar consumption, burn a candle, listen to music, go for a walk, etc. Everyone finds different ways to relax, so be sure to do whatever works best for you.

Things to Remember

In order to be prepared for exam day, write yourself a checklist of things to remember. This could include:

  • Pens
  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Calculator (for ISC Class-12)
  • Geometry box

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