Fail in Sem-2 Exam: Three Option Further Hope to Get Pass, See How?

Fail in Sem-2 Exam of CISCE , Dont worry. There are many ways for you so that you can pass in same year without loss of academic session. You can choose any one option which is more fit and suitable for you.

Fail in Sem-2 Exam of CISCE: Three Option Further Hope to Get Pass in 2022

Fail in Sem-2 Exam Three Option Further Hope to Get Pass, See How

A lot of questions are blowing in the mind of certain student now days. What happen if Fail in sem-2 of ICSE/ISC exam. How many ways / option available in CISCE if I have get Fail/ Less mark in my sem-2 exam of 2022. The answer of these question are given step by step with process so that you can use any one of them .

Less Mark / Fail in Sem-2 Exam of CISCE

Fail in Sem-2 Exam: There are following option available . You can apply for rechecking if you suppose that you have done very well but marks appear very less than your guess. To get the process of rechecking click here for detail.

The second option is giving compartment exam of certain subject . although it is time taken but the marksheet would be labelled as 2021-22 which avoid your academic loss of session.

Less Mark in Sem-2 Exam: Third option is useful to those student which can improve his/ her percentage in exam . This third option is  Improvement exam. There is also no loss of academic session. Although this improvement exam would be done in 2022-23. A new marksheet would be given with new number of certain subject .

Hope that if any one could not success in term to exam you can apply any one of above method to pass/ improve your result.


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