How to Study to Solve Analytical Thinking and Assertion Reason Type Questions

How to Study to Solve Analytical Thinking and Assertion Reason Type Questions. This is the most common questions among student specially ICSE as well as ISC. Is there any other ways or any trick to solve the skill based questions.

How to Study to Solve Analytical Thinking and Assertion Reason Type Questions

Therefore we are going to give you some very effective tips and tricks to solve How to Study to Solve Analytical Thinking and Assertion Reason Type Questions.

What is Analytical Thinking and Assertion Reason Type Questions

What is Analytical thinking / assertion Reason /Skill Based Type questions.  Are these questions are normal or any other topics / out of course?

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The answer of above questions is that Analytical thinking / assertion Reason /Skill Based Type questions are a new type of asking questions  and came into existence since few year ago in many educational board exam. Although this type of questions were common in competitive exam  since last decade.

What is Analytical Thinking?

What is analytical thinking? Analytical thinking is a method for analyzing a problem and finding a solution. This is a way for processing and breaking down complex information. Analytical thinking is helpful in identifying cause and effect relationships and making connections between two factors

Where Can I Get These Type Questions for Practice

There are many sources to get these type questions for effective practice.  You can search it online visiting many educational website.  There are also cisce specimen Paper  2024  where you can get these type questions easily. Solutions of this type questions are also given to understand the manner in more effective way so that you can perform well in your next upcoming exam.

Importance / Motto of Such Questions

As per report, these type questions came into existence to avoid a parrot learning / learn by heart. Student become confuse if board change the pattern of asking questions.  Student mind and thinking power can be analysis more deeply. A book worm student can not solve these type questions easily.  There need a special study techniques for such questions .

How to Solve Assertion Reason / Analytical Type questions in Exam

According to expert, student can easily prepared himself/herself by ignoring the old method of learning and adopted the modern method . In modern method of learning you can simply solve these type questions very easily.  The modern type learning is much difference from traditional type learning. therefore you should adopted the way of modern type learning from today.

Modern Type Learning

Follow these instruction strictly to adopted modern type learning.

  1.  Understand the concept of chapters one by one( Do not learn)
  2. Highlight the important point such as name / date/ formula
  3. Prepare self written notes subject wise separately
  4. include figures / tables / chart in your notes
  5. Practice specimen paper including these type questions
  6. Solved pervious year questions paper
  7. Also Study with other publications  of same topics/ Chapters/ Subject
  8. Try to understand the topics practically
  9. Discuss with your classmate  / senior student
  10. Attempt to appear in online / offline test to check the weaker point.

The ways discuss above may be helpful for you in a great deal.  follow these modern ways of learnin g from today to crack the next upcoming board exam.


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