Kinetic Theory of Gases Obj-1 HC Verma Solutions Vol-2 Chapter-24

Kinetic Theory of Gases Obj-1 HC Verma Solutions Vol-2 Chapter-24 Concept of Physics for Class-12. Step by Step Solutions of Objective -1 (MCQ-1) Questions of Chapter-24 Kinetic Theory of Gases (Concept of Physics) .Visit official Website CISCE for detail information about ISC Board Class-11 Physics.

Kinetic Theory of Gases Obj-1 HC Verma Solutions Vol-2 Chapter-24 Concept of Physics

Board ISC and other board
Publications Bharti Bhawan Publishers
Chapter-24 Kinetic Theory of Gases
Class 12
Vol  2nd
writer HC Verma
Book Name Concept of Physics
Topics Solution of Objective-1 (MCQ-1) Questions
Page-Number 33

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Kinetic Theory of Gases Objective-1 (MCQ-1) Questions

HC Verma Solutions of Ch-24  Vol-2 Concept of Physics for Class-12


Question-1 :-

Which of the following parameters is the same for molecules of all gases at a given temperature?

(a) Mass

(b) Speed

(c) Momentum

(d) Kinetic energy.

Answer-1 :-

The option (d) Kinetic energy. is correct

Temperature is defined as the average kinetic energy of the molecules in a gas sample. Average is same for all the molecules of the sample. So, kinetic energy is the same for all.
Hence, correct answer is d.

Question-2 :-  (Kinetic Theory of Gases Obj-1 HC Verma Solutions)

A gas behaves more closely as an ideal gas at

(a) low pressure and low temperature

(b) low pressure and high temperature

(c) high pressure and low temperature

(d) high pressure and high temperature.

Answer-2 :-

The option (b) low pressure and high temperature is correct

At low pressure, the concentration of gas molecules is very low. Hence, the kinetic assumption that the size of the molecules can be neglected compared to the volume of the container applies.
At high temperature, molecules move very fast. So, they tend to collide elastically and ​forces of interaction between the molecules minimise. This is the required idea condition.

Question-3 :-

The pressure of an ideal gas is written as P=2E/3V . Here E refers to

(a) translational kinetic energy

(b) rotational kinetic energy

(c) vibrational kinetic energy

(d) total kinetic energy.

Answer-3 :-

The option (a) translational kinetic energy is correct

According to the kinetic theory, molecules show straight line in motion (translational).  So, the kinetic energy is essentially transitional.

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