School May Close Again: Record Heat in July than June

School May Close Again: Record Heat in July than June. After Summer vacation almost school has been open in starting of July 2024. According to general weather condition July month experience lesser heat than June in India. But in some state the wether reverse by taking U Tern giving again a good chance to closing school in some state .

School May Close Again: Students Often Fainted in Class – report

As per report, students are not feeling comfort in July in many state of India. there are no good raining therefore the weather could not convert as usual in july. while school has been started as per scheduled planned.

School May Close Again Record Heat in July than June

Report said that student are fainted not only in class but also in the school vehicle also.

Parents Want to Change the Schedule of School or Closing Again

According to media report most of the parent want to change the schedule of school timing. They want that school timing should be upto 10:00 am in July and in August also.

UP State Suffer More Heat Now Days in July

Latest weather report by IMD there is no relief on on rooten heat in UP and some other state. IMD chief added that Least rain fall in these state in July 2024 hence weather could not became favourable and charming.

July month is about to end but people as these state are feeling the heat of June due to monsoon absent .

School Closing Circular at Any Moment

On demand of parent and media news about the fainting of student school authority may take necessary action either by changing the schedule or closing the school again in these state. Circular may released today till late evening.

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