A Hearts and Hands Treasure Trove Workbook Solutions Ch-4 Passage-1

A Hearts and Hands Treasure Trove Short Stories Workbook Solutions Ch-4 Passage-1. All the solutions has been given as council latest prescribe guideline. Therefore you can achieve your goal in next upcoming exam of council. Visit official website CISCE for detail information about ICSE Board Class-10 English .

A Hearts and Hands Treasure Trove Short Stories Workbook Solutions Ch-4 Passage-1

Board ICSE
Class 10th (X) / 9th (IX)
Subject English
Book Name Treasure Trove
Chapter-4 A Hearts and Hands
Passage-1 At Denver there  …..one of his companion

A Hearts and Hands Ch-4 Passage-1

Treasure Trove Short Stories Workbook Solutions

Question.  Read the extract given below and answer the questions that following.

Question 1. Describe the young woman in the coach.

Answer.  In one of the coaches there sat a young woman who was very beautiful with pretty dressed and in delicate. She surrounded by all the luxurious comforts of an trained traveller.

When Women spoke her voice was full, sweet, and deliberate, declare by its sound that its owner was accustomed to speak and be heard.

Question 2. Why does the author call the two men as the ‘linked couple?

Answer. The author called both of them  as the linked coupe because they are inter wined to each other therefore author called them linked like a couple

Question 3. What is strange about the way the two men are travelling? Why do you suppose they are like this.

Answer. The two men who entered from Denver were an odd pair. One of them  had a good looking personality presence with a bold, frank appearance and manner.

The other was a trouble, glum-faced person, heavily built and poor dressed. And what was really strange about them was that they were inter wined together.

Question 4. Why was Mr. Easton embarrassed when the young woman recognized him.

Answer. Mr. Easton was a shamed because he was handcuffed and he felt she would not praises seeing that he was in that condition

Question 5. What was the reaction of the young women to them initially? Why did her manner change?

Answer. Initially the young woman glimpsed at both of them with a distant and swift dis interest, but after a while her manner was completely changed as soon as  she identified one of them as an old beloved friend, Mr Easton.

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