Atithi Guest Short Answer: Prism ISC Class 12 Workbook Solutions

Atithi Guest Short Answer: Prism ISC Class 12 Workbook Solutions. Step by step workbook answer of questions and explanations of ISC Prism Class 12 . Chapter Wise Workbook Solutions of Evergreen Publications  .Visit official website CISCE for detail information about ISC Board Class-12 English.

Atithi Guest Short Answer Prism ISC Class 12 Workbook Solutions

Atithi Guest Short Answer: Prism ISC Class 12 Workbook Solutions

Board ISC
Publications Evergreen Publications
Subject English
Class 12
Book Name  Prism (A collection of short Stories )
Chapter-11 Atithi Guest
Topics Short Answer Questions

Short Answer Questions

Atithi Guest : Prism ISC Class 12 Workbook Solutions

Que-1:  Which jatra troupe had Tarapada left before meeting Motilal Babu?

Answer: He left The gymnastic group. At the gymnastic displays, his job was to play the Banshee or bamboo flute at a fast rhythm,

Que-2: In spite of being a darling of his family and his neighbourhood, why had Tarapada left them?

Answer: Tarapada did not like any type bond in life, even those of affection, which led him to leave his family.

Que-3: How did Tarapada make the most of his time on the boat?

Answer: Tarapada engaged himself in various activities like help in cooking, rowing the boat, and also entertaining everyone by playing flute with sweet singing.

Que-4: How did Motilal Babu and his wife treat Tarapada? What did Annapurna want to learn about Tarapada?

Answer: They treated Tarapada with great love and affection, like a family member. Annapurna was eager about Tarapada’s background, They want to know that how any mother could stay separated from such a lovely child, and what was the reasons for his wandering lifestyle.

Que-5: Why did Tarapada seek a lift on the boat in which Motilal Babu was going to his village?

Answer: Tarapada was seeking a lift on the boat for Nandigram, which was on the way.

Que-6: What kind of girl was Charushashi? What kind of feelings did she have about Tarapada?

Answer: Charushashi was a moody girl. She felt jealousy towards Tarapada due to more attention by her parents at Tarapada.

Que-7: Why did Charushashi smash Tarapada’s flute? What were her feelings afterwards?

Answer: Charushashi broke Tarapada’s flute out of jealousy and anger. Afterwards, she felt remorse and sought to apologise for her such bad actions.

Que-8: What kind of girl was Sanamani? What kind of relation did she have with Charushashi and Tarapada?

Answer: She (Sanamani) was a child-widow girl and a close friend of Charushashi. She had a friendly and affectionate, lovely relationship with Tarapada, calling him ‘Dada’ or elder brother.

Que-9: Why did Motilal Babu and his wife think of marrying their daughter to Tarapada?

Answer: They thought of marrying daughter to Tarapada because they had found him suitable and believed smart that marrying their daughter to him would spare him and his wife the pangs of separation from their daughter, and she, any criticism from in-laws.

Que-10: What impelled Tarapada to make his disappearance amidst the marriage festivities?

Answer: Tarapada’s desire for freedom impelled him to disappear amidst the marriage festivities, as he was unable to stay tied down to one place or relationship.

Que-11 Discuss the love-hate relationship of Charushashi and Tarapada

Answer: While Charushashi initially resents Tarapada for the attention he receives by her parents, her feelings evolve, indicating a deeper,  conflicted, emotional connection. This relationship oscillates between moments of jealousy, anger, and eventual understanding, reflecting the a love-hate relationship where emotions are intense and often contradictory.

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