Bermuda Triangle: Why Everything Disappear Here, Check Latest Research

Bermuda Triangle: Why Everything Disappear Here not only at surface but also from above it , This mystery could not be solved  since many decade. The story of Triangle actually began 56 years ago, in 1964. Let us start this to understand the mystery and scientific reason .

Bermuda Triangle: Why Everything Disappear Here, Check Latest Research

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Bermuda Triangle:  Where it is Situated

Located off the southeastern coast of the US in the Atlantic Ocean, between Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico, Covering an area of 440,000 miles of sea,

Location of Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle:  Why This Place is Risky

Mysterious behavior of the region came to the public attention only in the 20th century when the Navy cargo ship, USS Cyclops, with more than 300 people on board, went missing in this area.

the plane suddenly disappeared from the radar when it was flying from Puerto Rico to Florida, and the debris from the missing plane was found later

In 1945, five US Navy planes and 14 men disappeared in the area while doing routine training exercises.

The recent incident that involved a ship was the sinking of a cargo vessel in the Bermuda Triangle during a deadly hurricane in October 2015

The US navy investigated and ultimately reported the incident as “cause unknown”. From the time of this incident until the mid-1980s, 25 small planes disappeared while passing through the Bermuda Triangle. They were never seen again

Bermuda Triangle: Explanation of Mystery

there are many explanation given over the curious topic not only by scientist but also by expert. main reason and explanation has been given below.

Hexagonal Clouds

Hexagonal Clouds: A fascinating theory has been proposed by meteorologists claiming that the reason for the mysteries pervading the Bermuda Triangle area are unusual hexagonal clouds creating 170 mph air bombs full of wind. These air pockets cause all the mischief, sinking ships and downing planes

Hurricanes Blowing

Hurricanes Blowing: The fact that the area within the Bermuda Triangle is heavily trafficked could account for some of the mystery. . Pair that with the fact that the Bermuda Triangle is often swept by hurricanes, and it’s not hard to see why ships might occasionally sink there.

Strong Magnetism Area

Strong Magnetism Area: Another common explanation for the Bermuda Triangle rests on magnetism. The Earth’s magnetic North Pole isn’t the same as its geographic North Pole, which means that compasses usually don’t point exactly north. Only along what’s known as agonic lines, which line up magnetic and geographic north, are compasses truly accurate

Releasing Methane (CH4)

 Releasing Methane (CH4): some scientists have suggested that ship sinking’s in the Bermuda Triangle could be due to massive bubbles released from undersea methane deposits. This decrease the density of water and ship sink more and more to maintain balance of ship as Archimedes theory of floatation.

Aliens Protected for Research:

Aliens Protected for Research: The myth explains that UFOs for the disappearances”, and that they “believe that aliens use the Triangle as a portal to travel to and from our planet”. “The area is like a gathering station where they capture people, ships and aircraft to conduct research.”

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