Biology Specimen Paper 2023 Sec-A Solved for ICSE Class-10

Biology Specimen Paper 2023 Sec-A Solved for ICSE Class-10.  Step by step solutions as council prescribe guideline of model sample question paper.  During solutions of Biology Specimen Paper we explain with figure , graph, table whenever necessary so that student can achieve their goal in next upcoming exam of council. Visit official website CISCE for detail information about ICSE Board Class-10.

Solutions of ICSE Class 10 Biology Specimen Paper 2023 Sec-A

Board ICSE
Class  10th (x)
Subject Physics
Topic Specimen Paper Solved
Syllabus Revised Syllabus
Session 2022-23
Section-A With Que-1 MCQs and Q-2 Descriptive
Max mark 80

Warning :- before viewing solution view Question Paper



Maximum Marks: 80

  • Time allowed: Two hours
  • Answers to this Paper must be written on the paper provided separately.
  • You will not be allowed to write during first 15 minutes.
  • This time is to be spent in reading the question paper.
  • The time given at the head of this Paper is the time allowed for writing the answers.

  • Section A is compulsory. Attempt any four questions from Section B.
  • The intended marks for questions or parts of questions are given in brackets [ ].

ICSE Biology Specimen Paper 2023 Sec-A Solved for Class-10

(Attempt all questions from this Section.)

Question 1: Select the correct answers to the questions from the given options. (Do not copy the question. 

Select the correct answer only

(i) A muscular wall is absent in:

(a) Capillary
(b) Arteriole

(c) Venule
(d) Vein

Answer : (a) Capillary

(ii) On which day of the menstrual cycle does ovulation take place?

(a) 1st day
(b) 5th day
(c) 14th day

(d) 28th day

Answer : (c) 14th day

(iii) Ganong’s Potometer is used to study:

(a) Photosynthesis
(b) Rate of uptake of water
(c) Exosmosis

(d) Guttation

Answer : (b) Rate of uptake of water

(iv) The number of chromosomes in a human skin cell are:

(a) 22
(b) 23
(c) 44
(d) 46

Answer : (d) 46

(v) Cretinism and Myxedema are due to:

(a) Hypersecretion of thyroxine
(b) Hypersecretion of growth hormone
(c) Hyposecretion of thyroxine

(d) Hypersecretion of growth hormone

Answer : (c) Hyposecretion of thyroxine

(vi) Light dependent phase of photosynthesis in green leaves takes place in:

(a) Grana of chloroplast
(b) Stroma of chloroplasm
(c) Nucleus of palisade cells
(d) Cytoplasm of palisade cells

Answer : (a) Grana of chloroplast

(vii) An example of a biodegradable substance is:

(a) Aluminium
(b) Paper
(c) Plastic

(d) Steel

Answer : (b) Paper

(viii) The part that is cut in Vasectomy is:

(a) Urethra
(b) Oviduct
(c) Fallopian tube
(d) Vas deferens

Answer : (d) Vas deferens

(ix) Gestation period of human foetus is:

(a) 40 days
(b) 280 days
(c) 280 weeks
(d) 40 months

Answer : (b) 280 days

(x) The part of the human eye where the rods and cones are located is:

(a) Iris
(b) Retina
(c) Sclera

(d) Choroid

Answer : (b) Retina

(xi) Organ of Corti is present in:

(a) Utriculus
(b) Sacculus
(c) Cochlea
(d) Incus

Answer : (c) Cochlea

(xii)  The outermost covering of the brain is:

(a) Arachnoid
(b) Piamater
(c) Pericardium

(d) Duramater

Answer : (d) Duramater

(xiii) Cytokinins are predominantly present in:

(a) Meristematic tissues
(b) Permanent tissues
(c) Endodermis
(d) Epidermis

Answer : (a) Meristematic tissues

(xiv) Marine fish when placed in tap water bursts because of:

(a) Diffusion
(b) Plasmolysis
(c) Endosmosis
(d) Exosmosis

Answer : (c) Endosmosis

(xv) Urine is carried from kidney to urinary bladder by:

(a) Uterus
(b) Urethra
(c) Umbilical cord
(d) Ureter

Answer : (d) Ureter

Question 2: (Biology Specimen Paper 2023 Sec-A Solved for ICSE Class-10)

(i) Name the following:

(a) The suppressed allele of a gene.
(b) The knot like mass of blood capillaries in Bowman’s capsule.
(c) The mineral element required for the synthesis of thyroxine.
(d) One gaseous compound that depletes the ozone layer.
(e) The statistical study of human population.

Answer :

(a) Recessive allele

(b) Glomerulus

(c) Iodine

(d) CFCs

(e) Demography

(ii) Arrange and rewrite the terms in each group in the correct order so as to be in a  logical sequence beginning with the term that is underlined.

(a) Soil water, Xylem, Root hair, Cortex
(b) Tympanum, Incus, Malleus, Stapes
(c) Pulmonary Vein, Left Ventricle, Aorta, Left auricle
(d) Sperm, Urethra, Sperm duct, Epididymis
(e) Aqueous humour, Optic nerve, Retina, Lens

Answer :

(a) Soil water, Root hair, Cortex, Xylem

(b) Tympanum, Malleus, Incus, Stapes

(c) Pulmonary Vein, Left auricle, Left Ventricle, Aorta

(d) Sperm, Epididymis, Sperm duct, Urethra

(e) Aqueous humour, Lens, Retina, Optic nerve

(iii) Match the items given in Column I with the most appropriate ones in Column II and rewrite the correct matching pairs.

Column I  Column II
(a) Natality  1. DDT
(b) Soil pollutant  2. Death rate
(c) Starch test 3. Carbon monoxide
(d) Mortality 4. Iodine solution
(e) Air pollutant  5. Lime water
6. Birth rate
7. Growth rate

Answer :

(a) 6. Birth rate

(b)  1. DDT

(c) 4. Iodine solution

(d)  2. Death rate

(e) 3. Carbon monoxide

(iv) Choose the odd one out from the following terms and name the category to which the others belong:

(a) Thyroid gland, Lacrimal gland, Pituitary gland, Adrenal gland.

(b) Detergents, Sewage, X-rays, Oil spills

(c) Spinal cord, Cerebrum, Pons, Cerebellum

(d) Chloroplast, Cell wall, Large Vacuoles, Centrosome.

(e) Auxin, Oxytocin, Gibberellin, Cytokinin

Answer :

(a) Lacrimal gland – Endocrine Gland

(b) X-rays – Water Pollution

(c) Spinal cord – Borin

(d) Centrosome – Plant Cell

(e) Oxytocin – Plant Hormons

(v) State the exact location of the following structures:

(a) Thylakoids
(b) Corpus callosum
(c) Chordae tendinac
(d) Prostate gland

(e) Adrenal glands

Answer :

(a) each granum of the chloroplast

(b) Thick band of nerve fibers joining two cerebral

(c) arise from the muscular projections of the vertical walls knows as papillary muscles in b/w right atrio ventricular valve

(d) Present at the base of urinary bladder surrounding the urethra

(e) Situated at the top of each kidney and are enclosed in a connective tissue capsule.

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