Competition Hampers Overall Development of Students: Views Either for or Against

Competition Hampers Overall Development of Students: Views Either for or Against. write a composition is an art it would be only possible by practice and having command on grammar portion well. Asking composition question in the board exam of English is the fashion of the day. The talent of student can be easily examine by this. In many board exam asking questions about composition (story) is the best way to understand the capability of a candidate.

Competition Hampers Overall Development of Students

‘Competition hampers the overall development of students.’.

(Express your views either for or against this statement)

One of the highly controversial debates today relates to whether the competition among young people is beneficial or not. In this essay, I am going to delve into the question from both points of view through presenting its merits and demerits and then give my own perspective on the matter.

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In Favour View

On one side of the argument, there are people who content that the competition is helpful for children’s improvement. It is generally a well-known fact that competition leads to boosting versatile-development of children. It motivates and stimulates them in order to be more superior than others. For example, a student who is weak in school studies will study harder to achieve better scores than his peers in a test if there is a guaranteed prize for those who accomplish high marks. As a result, the child would end up gaining more knowledge and improving skills for his studies through hard-working

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Against The View

On the other hand, a competition could result in putting a lot of stress on children. In the course of competing moment, some of them can be left out due to a failure to catch up and getting behind other students. They would lose their self-esteem compared to those whose achievements are by far better and such stress they would suffer would give deteriorated impact on themselves


In conclusion, a competition can improve children’s all-round development while it can give exceeding pressure on them more than they can deal with. However, in my opinion, I tend to believe that the benefits of competition outweigh its disadvantages.

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