Electromagnetic Induction Nootan Solutions ISC Class-12 Physics Nageen Prakashan

Electromagnetic Induction Nootan Solutions ISC Class-12 Physics Nageen Prakashan Chapter-11 Solved Numericals. Step by step Solutions of Kumar and Mittal ISC Physics Class-12 Nageen Prakashan Numericals Questions. Visit official Website CISCE for detail information about ISC Board Class-12 Physics.

Electromagnetic Induction Nootan Solutions ISC Class-12 Physics Nageen Prakashan Chapter-11 Solved Numericals

Class: 12
Subject: Physics
Chapter 10: Electromagnetic Induction 
Board ISC
Writer /Publications Nootan / Nageen Prakashan/Kumar and Mittal
Topics Solved Numericals of page – 503, 504, 505


Magnetic Flux:

Magnetic flux and electric flux are kinda the same, they both have the same concept but the only difference is one case we are dealing with Electric field whereas on the other one we are dealing with magnetic field.


The θ represents the angle between A and B

What is electromagnetic induction ?

When there is a change in the magnetic field an electromotive force is induced across a conductor this phenomenon is called electromagnetic induction.

Faraday’s Laws of Induction

According to this law, the emf induced in a coil of N turns is in direct proportional to the rate of change of flux through it.


Here the numerator is the flux associated with only one turn of the coil. When the circuit is closed, a current I=εR is found in it, where R is the resistance of the circuit.

What is Lenz’s Law?

The Lenz’s law states that the polarity of the emf which is induced tends to produce a current opposing to the change in the magnetic flux that produced it. The negative sign represents the opposition

Eddy Currents

In nearby metal bodies, changing the magnetic fields can create current loops which get dissipated in the form of heat. These currents are known as eddy current.

Define Inductance?

Inductance is defined as the ratio between the current and the flux-linkage, which is represented by ε

Fleming’s Right Hand Rule

If we stretch the thumb, the forefinger and the central finger of right hand in such a way that all three are perpendicular to each other and if thumb represent the direction of motion,So  the forefinger represent tile direction of magnetic field, then centra} finger will represent the direction of induced current

 R is the electrical resistance of the circuit, then induced current in the circuit is given by I =E / R If induced current is produced in a coil rotated in uniform magnetic field, then I = NBA ω sin ωt / R = Io sin ωt
where, Io = NBA ω = peak value of induced current,
N = number of turns in the coil ,
B= magnetic induction,
ω = angular velocity of rotation and
A = area of cross-section of the coil.


The phenomena of production of induced emf in a circuit due to change in current flowing in its own, is called self induction

Mutual Induction

The phenomena of production of induced emf in a circuit due to the change in magnetic flux in its neighbouring circuit, is called mutual induction.

Electromagnetic Induction Nootan Solutions ISC Class-12 Physics Kumar and Mittal Chapter-11 Solved Numericals

Page Number- 503, 504, 505

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