English Literature Semester-1 ICSE Answer Key 2021 Class-10

English Literature Semester-1 ICSE Answer Key 2021 Class-10. Step by step solutions of ICSE Class-10 Paper Solution.  During solutions of semester-1 English Literature examination paper we explain with figure , graph, table whenever necessary so that student can achieve their goal in next upcoming exam of council. Visit official website CISCE for detail information about ICSE Board Class-10.

 2021 Class-10  English Literature Semester-1 ICSE Answer Key

Board ICSE
Class  10th (X)
Subject English Literature
Syllabus  on bifurcated syllabus (after reduction)
Exam Semester-1
session 2021-22
Topic Answer Key
Total-16 with all parts

English Literature Semester-1 ICSE Answer Key

Question 1 to 16 answer key


Question 1
(C) On a cold, dark New Year’s Eve
Question 2
d) Colourful fireworks display
Question 3
(c) Betrayal
Question 4
(b) The ability to look beyond outward appearances
Question 5
(a) Freedom and oppression
Question 6
(6) Appear in court disguised as a lawyer and fight the case for Antonio.
Question 7
(b) comic relief
Question 8
(c) His short-lived, dramatic rise and fall in popularity
Question 9
(d) finding the blue bead for her necklace.
Question 10
(a) twelve feet long.


Question 11

(i) (a) Shylock’s friend.
(ii) (a) She was spending Shylock’s money extravagantly.
(iii) (c) Antonio s merchant ship had bcen wrecked on its way lrom Tripolis.
(iv) (b) Hire an ollicer of the law and mect hinn allerwards at the sysnagogue.
(v) (d) Iwill have the heart of hin, if he lorlets.

Qucstion 12

(i) (a) tense and anxous
(ii)(b) she is afrad that he might choose the Wrong casket and she would never soe
him again
(iii) (b) She would be breaking her prornise to her father if she did
(iv) (C) a bediike opcn frame uscd as a torturc device
(v) (d) A ring

Question 13

(i) (d) She was desperately hungry.
(ii) (c) Struck a match to warm her frozen fingers.
(iii) (d) fourth
(iv) (c) She was about seventeen years old.
(v) (a) She froze to death.

Question 14

(i) (b) Resting on a boulder in the middle of the river.
(ii) (a) He was well hidden among the drifting logs of timber
(iii) (b) Crocodiles are herbivores.
(iv)(d) By clinging desperately to a floating log of wood.
(v) (c) That she is innocent and childlike.

Question 15

(i) (b) paces to and iro
(ii) (c) Hs anger.
(iii) (c)To control him.
(iv) (d pouring his heart out in song
(v)(a) Frustration

Question 16

(i) (d) Attenptcd the inposs1ble
(ii) (d) Grceted and checred by loyal crowds
(iii) (b) have done everythung that was hurmanly possible
(iv) (a) Togrect and wekomne the Patri
(v) (b) Bitter

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  1. Shylock’s friend!…I cannot agree…unless the devil turns himself to be a Jew…well, with my identity as Google Scholar, Iam Rituparna Ray Chaudhuri with ID on Google.

  2. In Q 12 part 4) bassanio says I live upon the rack the answe should be option d ) bcoz it’s not jus asking the meaning of rack it’s asking the meaning of whole line and in Q 15 part 2 what is the caged Bird blinded by the answer should be bars of rage .


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