English Literature Specimen 2024: Sec-C Solved for ICSE Sample Paper

English Literature Specimen 2024: Sec-C Solved for ICSE Sample Paper. In Literature of ICSE Class 10 English Sec-C Questions are belong to  PROSE – SHORT STORIES (Treasure Trove). Visit official website CISCE for detail information about ICSE Board Class-10.

English Literature Specimen 2024 Sec C Solved for ICSE Sample Paper

English Literature Specimen 2024: Sec-C 

Solved for ICSE Class 10 Sample Paper

Board ICSE
Class  10th (x)
Subject English Literature
Topic  Specimen Paper Solved
Paper  Paper 2 (Literature)
Session 2023-24
Question Type Sec-C Prose (Que-4 and 5)
Max mark 80

SEC-C (PROSE) of English Literature

ICSE Specimen Question Paper 2024

Question 4 Read the extract from Ray Bradbury’s short story, ‘All Summer in a Day’ given below and answer the questions that follow:

The girl standing in the open, held out her hand
“Oh look, look,” she said, trembling.
They came slowly to look at her opened palm.
In the center of it, cupped and huge, was a single raindrop. She began to cry,
looking at it. They glanced quietly at the sun.
“Oh. Oh”

(i) How old were ‘they’? Where were they living? What had they been doing until the girl called their attention to the raindrop?

Ans:  The narrator was twelve and his brother fourteen year old and they lived in a small village.

(ii) Mention any three ways in which their lives on this planet differed from life on earth.

Ans: The everyday life on this planet differs from life on Earth because it is continuously raining on Venus for seven years due to the dense clouds. The Sun is visible only once in seven years, and that also only for an hour or two. The people there lived underground because of the water on the ground everywhere

(iii) Why does the girl begin to cry when she looks at the raindrop?

Ans: The girls started wailing when she felt a raindrop in her cupped hands. And looking at that raindrop she started crying since she could realise the end of their brief summer in their life. They realised that it would start raining again. Soon the sun faded away behind the stir of mist. Their smiles had vanished as a cold wind began to blow.

(iv) Describe the dramatic change in the weather immediately after the raindrop fell.

Ans: After rain drop fell weather change dramatically, the sun faded behind the mist and a cold wind started with a bloom of thunder and lightning began while sky became dark as mid night. after that the sound of heavy downpour resumed and its sound like vast avalanche

(v) What feelings do ‘they’ experience at the end of the story? What had they done earlier that made them feel this way?

Ans: At the end of story Children felt guilty themselves. They have locked the Margot in the closest out of jealously and not allowed to her to see the sun. Such made them feel these way

Question 5 Read the following extract by Jesse Owens from ‘My Greatest Olympic Prize’, and answer the questions that follow:

An angry athlete is an athlete who will make mistakes, as any coach will tell
you. I was no exception. On the first of my three qualifying jumps, I leaped from several inches beyond the take-off board for a foul.

(i) When and where is this story set? What reason does the narrator, Jesse Owens, give for the heightened nationalistic feelings at this time?

Ans: This story is set in the time of the Berlin Olympic Games of 1936. Because Hitler childishly insisted that his performers were members of a ‘master race’, heightened nationalistic feelings at this time were at an all-time high

(ii) In which event had Owens been confident of winning a gold medal? Why?

Ans: Jessie Owens gained, sweated and disciplined himself for six years. He had already made a world record in the long jump in the last year. So he expected to win the gold medal easily this time.

(iii) What had made Owens angry enough to make mistakes?

Ans: At the time of broad-jump trials, Jessie Owens was started to see a tall boy hitting the .pit at almost 26 feet on his practice leaps Jessie felt angry when he was told that Hitler had kept him under wraps obviously to win the jump with.hirn. Jessie was disturbed to think if Luz Long won, it would add some new support to the Nazis’ Aryan-superiority theory. Jessie was so disturbed that he made mistakes in his trial jumps

(iv) Name Owens’ rival who approached him at this point?

Ans: Luz Long, a German, was Jessie Owens’ rival. On noticing Jessie Owens feeling disgusted, Luz Long counseled Jessie to focus on the jump by giving him a valuable tip. He said to Jessie, “Why don’t you draw a line a few inches in back of the board and aim at making your take off there?

(v) How did the two athletes perform in the finals? What does Jesse Owens consider his ‘Greatest Olympic Prize’? Why?

Ans: The two athletes gave their best possible performance in the finals. They improved upon their previous records. As it turned out, Luz broke his own past record. But in doing so, he pushed Owens on to peak performance. When Owens won the medal, Long congratulated him by shaking his hand with him, without bothering about having to face the wrath of Hitler. To Jessie Owens, the greatest Olympic prize was not a gold medal but his new and noble friendship with Luz Long. He was happy to learn that the essential thing in life is not conquering but fighting well.

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