English Literature Specimen 2024: Sec-D Solved for ICSE Sample Paper

English Literature Specimen 2024: Sec-D Poetry (Treasure Trove ) Solved.  Que-6 and Que-7 Solutions of ICSE English Literature for 2024 exam specimen questions paper.  Visit official website CISCE for detail information about ICSE Board Class-10.

English Literature Specimen 2024 Sec D Solved for ICSE Sample Paper

English Literature Specimen 2024: Sec-D Solved for ICSE Sample Paper

Board ICSE
Class  10th (x)
Subject English
Topic  Specimen Paper Solved
Paper  Paper 2 Literature
Session 2023-24
Question Type Que 6 and 7 of Poetry (Treasure Trove)
Max mark 80

Sec-D Poetry (Treasure Trove ) Solved of English Literature Specimen 2024

Question 6 Read the following extract from the poem ‘Abou Ben Adem’ by Leigh Hunt and answer the questions that follow:

Abou Ben Adhem (may his tribe increase)
Awoke one night from a deep dream of peace,

(i) What did Abou Ben Adhem see when woke from a deep sleep one night?

Ans:  One night, when Ben Adhem was awakened from a deep dream of peace he saw that his room was filled with moonlight, making it appear rich (bright) like a lily in bloom. He also saw an angel writing something in a book of gold

(ii) What did Abou Ben Adhem ask the angel? What was the angel’s response?

Ans:–  Seeing him, Ben Adhem asked him what he was writing in his golden book. The angel raised his head and looked at Abou in a friendly way. The angel replied that he was writing the names of those who loved God. Abou requested the angel to write his name in the list of those who loved their fellowmen

(iii) What did Abou request the angel to do when he learnt that his name did not appear among the names of those who loved the Lord? What does this reveal to us of Abou Ben Adhem’s character?

‘Ans:- I pray thee, then, Write me as one that loves his fellow men. ‘” Abou Ben Adhem’s request to the angel to write him as one who loves his fellow men reveals his character as a compassionate and caring individual

(iv) When and how did the angel appear to Abou Ben Adhem again? What did the angel show Abou this time?

Ans: The angel reappeared the following night. This time the angel had a light that was so bright that the poet describes it as ‘great wakening’. It woke Adhem and the angel showed him the list of people who were loved by God

(v) What does the poet mean by ‘May his tribe increase!’? Why do you think he says this? What is the central message of the poem?

Ans:- May his tribe increase’: By this the poet wants to say that the men like him may increase. The attitude of narrator towards Abou Ben Adhem is that like him we should also love our fellow human beings and by this we will recieve the love and blessings of God. In short Service to humanity is best

Question 7  Read the extract from David Roth’s poem, ‘Nine Gold Medals’ given below and answer the questions that follow:

And the banner above and nine smiling faces
Said more than these words ever will
Said more than these words ever will

(i) What was ‘special’ about the athletes who were participating in this Sports Meet? What special quality of theirs does the poem celebrate?

Ans:- In the poem ‘Nine Gold Medals’, poet David Roth has highlighted the display of emotions of nine runners who participated in the Special Olympics. The athletes had come to participate in the ‘Special Olympics’ meant for differently-abled persons. They were determined to win the hundred-yard race.

(ii) Which race was the highlight of the day? What was the signal that the athletes waited for? How many athletes participated in this race?

Ans:The last event of the day was the hundred-metre race. Nine young athletes were participating in this event. They were well-poised, waiting for the pistol shot as a starting signal of the special Olympics. Halfway through the race the youngest athlete stumbled and fell down on the tracks.

(iii) How does the poet describe the state of mind of the athletes as they lined up for the race? Who won the race?

Ans: The poet says that he is sure that what he witnessed was true as he was telling the readers about the incident. The runner who fell down uttered a moaning cry of frustration and sadness. He had fallen in the race and his dream of winning the race was shattered

(iv) If you had to give this poem an alternate title, what would you call it? Give reasons  for your answer.

Ans:  I would give an alternative title for the  poem lines composed in a wood on a windy day as ” The winds of the breeze ” because here the narrator of the poem is trying to explain on how the whether on that day looked like which is windy caused by the breeze and how the wind from the breeze effected the environment around her like the grass, the trees, the earth and the ocean. Basically the narrator is talking about the winds of the breeze.

(v) Give a brief account of what happened after the youngest athlete fell to the ground. Why do you think the author use the word ‘strange’ to describe the behaviour of the athletes?

Ans:  The youngest athlete dreamt of winning a medal in the Special Olympics. However, when he fell down on his knees to the ground, he felt all of his dreams and efforts of winning the medal were shattered and his hopes were dashed. He had trained hard but did not get the opportunity to show his talent.

Nine gold medals summary encourages human compassion and cooperation. It draws inspiration from the nine differently-abled athletes in a Special Olympic event. Further, it is about a race which takes place between these runners

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