Environmental Science Semester-2 ICSE Specimen Paper Solved Class-10

Environmental Science Semester-2 ICSE Specimen Paper Solved Class-10 for practice. Step by step solutions of ICSE Class-10 specimen model sample paper. During solutions of semester-2 Environmental Science specimen paper we explain with figure , graph, table whenever necessary so that student can achieve their goal in next upcoming exam of council . Visit official website CISCE for detail information about ICSE Board Class-10.

Environmental Science Semester-2 ICSE Specimen Paper Solved Class-10

Board ICSE
Class  10th (x)
Subject Environmental Science
Topic Semester-2 ICSE Specimen Paper Solved
Syllabus  on bifurcated syllabus (after reduction)
session 2021-22
Question Type  Descriptive Type (as prescribe by council)
Total question No. 6 with all parts (Sec-A & B)
Max. mark 40

Solved Class-10 for practice Set of Environmental Science Semester-2 ICSE Specimen Paper 

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(Attempt all questions from this Section.)

Question 1:

Choose the correct answers to the questions from the given options. (Do not copy the question, Write the correct answer only.)

(i) The significant features of a pandemic are:

(a) Affects nearly the whole world.

(b) Spreads quickly in humans

(c) Caused by an infectious agent that can spread rapidly

(d) All the above

Answer :

(ii) Example of in-situ conservation is:

(a) Zoological parks

(b) Gene banks

(c) Biosphere Reserves

(d) None of the above

Answer : (c) Biosphere Reserves

(iii) Liquid fuel obtained from biomass is:

(a) Kerosene

(b) Ethanol

(c) Solar energy

(d) Electricity

Answer : (a) Kerosene

(iv) Geothermal energy is used for:

(a) Cooking

(b) Bathing

(c) Space heating

(d) All the above

Answer :(d) All the above

(v) Composting is:

(a) Breakdown of organic waste by microorganism.

(b) Sustainable method of waste management.

(c) Statement 1 and 2

(d) Only statement 2

Answer : update soon 

(vi) Multinational companies in India:

(a) Microsoft

(b) Infosys

(c) IBM

(d) All of the above

Answer : update soon 

(vii) Bhopal Gas Tragedy occurred due to:

(a) Nuclear explosion

(b) Castor bean

(c) LPG

(d) Methyl Iso Cyanate

Answer : (d) Methyl Iso Cyanate

(viii) Global environmental Facility focuses on:

(a) Conservation of loss on biodiversity

(b) Empowerment of women

(c) Family planning

(d) None of the above

Answer :update soon 

(ix) Adopting alternative technology:

(a) Lavish lifestyle

(b) Use of material that are recyclable

(c) Survey of waste land

(d) Genetic engineering

Answer : update soon 

(x) The G20 Summit held in October 2021 was held in _____________.

(a) Rome

(b) Argentina

(c) Riyadh

(d) None of the above

Answer : (a) Rome


(Attempt any three questions from this Section.)

Question 2:

(i) Define hotspot biodiversity.

(ii) What happens when we accumulate waste in our environment?

(iii) State any three advantages of nuclear energy.

(iv) What are the main characteristics of a Multi-National Company?

Answer :

(i) There are currently 36 recognized biodiversity hotspots. These are Earth’s most biologically rich—yet threatened—terrestrial regions.

To qualify as a biodiversity hotspot, an area must meet two strict criteria:

  • Contain at least 1,500 species of vascular plants found nowhere else on Earth (known as “endemic” species).
  • Have lost at least 70 percent of its primary native vegetation.

(ii) Each time you throw something as garbage, think of where it will finally end up. It explains in simple terms how waste accumulation affects the environment as hazardous substances, increases toxicity and ways in which the waste recirculates in the air and water, causing serious harm to humans and other life.


Clean Energy Source:

Nuclear is the largest source of clean power in the United States. It generates nearly 800 billion kilowatt hours of electricity each year and produces more than half of the nation’s emissions-free electricity. This avoids more than 470 million metric tons of carbon each year, which is the equivalent of removing 100 million cars off of the road.

Most Reliable Energy Source

Nuclear power plants run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are designed to operate for longer stretches and refuel every 1.5 – 2 years. In 2019, nuclear plants operated at full power more than 92% of the time, making it the most reliable energy source on the grid today.

Creates Jobs

The nuclear industry supports nearly half a million jobs in the United States and contributes an estimated $60 billion to the U.S. gross domestic product each year.  U.S. nuclear plants can employ up to 700 workers with salaries that are 30% higher than the local average. They also contribute billions of dollars annually to local economies through federal and state tax revenues.

(iv) The following are the common characteristics of multinational corporations:

1. Very high assets and turnover:

To become a multinational corporation, the business must be large and must own a huge amount of assets, both physical and financial. The company’s targets are high, and they are able to generate substantial profits.

2. Network of branches:

Multinational companies maintain production and marketing operations in different countries. In each country, the business may oversee multiple offices that function through several branches and subsidiaries.

Question 3:  (Environmental Science Semester-2 ICSE )

(i) Mention any two advantages of landfills.

(ii) What are the primary objectives of a Multi-National Company?

(iii) State any three applications of Remote Sensing Satellites.

(iv) What is extinction? State any two effects of extinction.

Answer :


Landfills are an Excellent Energy Source:

When trash accumulates and begins to break down, carbon dioxide and methane are produced. These gases can be taken out, filtered out, and used for energy production. In the United States, landfills serve as the third source of methane production. The landfills in the country also produce approximately 95.6 million of these Carbon (IV)oxide per annum.

Modern Landfills are Eco-friendly:

Older landfills were just open-air dump for nearly everything but it isn’t the case anymore. Thanks to the efforts of environmental experts and conservationists who brought in strict laws, regulations, and standards for landfill sites. Technology is well utilized in the landfills’ design; good soil lining and leachate management system ensures no seepage and damage.

(ii) Like many businesses, the primary goal of many multinational corporations is to make a profit and reach their financial goals. However, unlike many other businesses, multinational corporations have to navigate different geographical distances, cultures and target markets while selling their products and services.


(a) Providing a base map for graphical reference and assisting planners and engineers.

(b) Extracting mineral deposits with remote sensing based spectral analysis.

(c) Disaster mitigation planning and recovery.

(iv) Consequences of species extinctions at local or regional scales. Species extinction at local or regional scales implies in general a decline in species richness (number of species) and a decline in biodiversity. There is strong evidence that species richness in an area enhances ecosystem productivity and stability.

Question 4:

(i) What is the concept of sustainable development?

(ii) Why do we need to be concerned about biodiversity conservation?

(iii) Why is CNG used as a fuel in transport vehicles?

(iv) ‘Waste is one of the most urgent problems facing urbanization.’ Justify.

Answer :

(i) The concept of sustainable development was described by the 1987 Bruntland Commission Report as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

(ii) Biodiversity plays a huge role in food and nutrition for humans as it directly impacts the production of grains, vegetables, fruits, herbs, and other food items. Biodiversity is also important for the productivity of soil and impacts other food resources like livestock and marine species.

(iii) The use of natural gas as a transport fuel has two environmental advantages: (a) Natural gas is a clean burning fuel, with very low NOx and soot emissions, therefore substantially improving the local air quality. (b) Natural gas produces less CO2 for every unit of energy consumed by the vehicle.

(iv) update soon

Question 5:   (Environmental Science Semester-2 ICSE )

(i) Name any two energy saving devices.

(ii) List any two options to reduce solid waste in our environment.

(iii) State any three disadvantages of Multi-National Company to the host countries?

(iv) What are the three main concepts of sustainable development?

Answer :

(i) Solar Charger: If you are always charging the batteries of your handheld devices such as your mobile phone, iPods, digital camera, or other portable devices, you will be adding a lot more on your electric bill.

Smart Power Strips: If you have seen commercials about saving energy and the like, you must have heard the term “energy vampires.” These are appliances that use too much power if left plugged in the socket, even if you are not actively using the devices or left on standby mode. 

(ii) Use a reusable bottle/cup for beverages on-the-go:

You might already have a reusable water bottle, but do you use it all the time? You can put that reusable bottle to use, save money, and reduce waste. By taking your own water with you, you’ll also reduce your chances of purchasing more expensive beverages on-the-go. This will eliminate the one-time use containers they come in.

Use reusable grocery bags, and not just for groceries:

Just like a reusable water bottle, you may already have a reusable grocery bag, though it’s often forgotten at home. Try writing BAGS on the top of your grocery list to help you remember, or keep them in the back seat where they aren’t as easy to forget.


1. Multinational corporations provide an inflow of capital : Most multinational corporations have their headquarters in the developed world. They rely on the resources of mature markets to maintain their supportive revenue streams.

2. Multinational corporations reduce government aid dependencies in the developing world: Since the 2000s, the reliance on foreign aid throughout the African continent is thought to be responsible for the overall weakness of the local economies.

3. Multinational corporations allow countries to purchase imports: The issue of economic development in non-developed countries is an overall lack of resource access. What is available to the average consumer in the United States is very different when compared to what is accessible in a country like Somalia.

(iv) There are four dimensions to sustainable development – society, environment, culture and economy – which are intertwined, not separate. Sustainability is a paradigm for thinking about the future in which environmental, societal and economic considerations are balanced in the pursuit of an improved quality of life.

Question 6:  (Environmental Science Semester-2 ICSE )

(i) Define Multinational Corporations.

(ii) What is the main aim of the Earth Summit?

(iii) State any three reasons why wetlands are valuable?

(iv) What is the need for alternative energy sources?

Answer :

(i) update soon

(ii) The Earth Summit”, its aim was to put the concept of sustainable development at the forefront of our concerns and to seek common action to protect the planet from environment.

(iii) Wetlands are important because they:

  • improve water quality.
  • provide wildlife habitat.
  • maintain ecosystem productivity.
  • reduce coastal storm damage.

(iv) Environmental and economic benefits of using renewable energy include: Generating energy that produces no greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels and reduces some types of air pollution. Diversifying energy supply and reducing dependence on imported fuels.

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