Geography Specimen Paper 2023 Part-1 Solved for ICSE Class-10

Geography Specimen Paper 2023 Part-1 Solved for ICSE Class-10. Step by step solutions as council prescribe guideline of model sample question paper. Specimen Question Paper of ICSE 2023 belong to Geography Part I. Student can achieve their goal in next upcoming exam of council. Visit official website CISCE for detail information about ICSE Board Class-10..

Solutions of ICSE Class 10 Geography Specimen Paper 2023 Part-1

Board ICSE
Class  10th (x)


Topic Specimen Paper Solved
Syllabus Revised Syllabus
Session 2022-23
Part-1  MCQs and Map


Warning :- before viewing solution view Question Paper.


Geography Part-1

Maximum Marks: 80

  • Time allowed: Two hours
  • Answers to this Paper must be written on the answer sheet provided separately.
  • You will not be allowed to write during the first 15 minutes.
  • This time is to be spent in reading the question paper.
  • The time given at the head of this Paper is the time allowed for writing the answers

Part I is compulsory. All questions from Part I are to be attempted.

A total of five questions are to be attempted from Part II.

The intended marks for questions or parts of questions are given in brackets [ ].

To be supplied with this Paper: Survey of India Map Sheet No. G43S10 and 20 cm of twine.


  1.  In all Map Work, make wise use of arrows to avoid overcrowding of the map.
  2.  The extract of Survey of India Map Sheet No. G43S10 must not be taken out of the examination hall. It must be handed over to the Supervising Examiner on completion of the paper.
  3.  The Map given at the end of this question paper must be detached, and after marking, must be fastened to your answer booklet.
  4.  All sub-sections of the questions attempted must be answered in the correct serial order.
  5.  All working including rough work should be done on the same answer sheet which is used to answer the rest of the paper.

 Solutions of ICSE Class 10 Geography Specimen Paper 2023 Part-1

(Attempt all questions from this Part.)

Question 1: Study the extract of the Survey of India Map sheet No. G43S10 and answer the following questions:

(a) (i)  Give the four figure grid reference of the settlement where Ayurvedic hospital is found. (b) Name ‘wo man-made features in grid square 6429.

(ii)  What is the pattern of drainage seen in grid square 6729? (b) What is the pattern of settlement seen in grid square 6934?

(iii) Calculate the shortest distance in kms. between settlement Udwaria (6934) and Sanwara (6636).

(iv) What advantage does Representative Fraction have over Statement scale?

(v) What do you mean by the following:

(a) 3r in grid square 6933 (b) 437 in grid square 6729


 Ans at bottom in PDF

Question 2: On the outline map of India provided:

(i) Draw and label the Tropic of Cancer.

(ii) Shade and label the river Tungabhadra.

(iii) Shade and label Malabar Coast.

(iv) Shade and label Andaman Sea.

(v) Mark with a dot and name Kochi.

(vi) Shade an area which has black soil.

(vii) Mark and name Nathu-la Pass.

(viii) Mark and name Sharia.

(ix) Mark and label Aravali.

(x) Shade and label the area of Sparse population in North India.


Ans at bottom in PDF

Question 3: Choose the correct option: 

(i) ………….. is a hot and dry local wind that blow in north India during pre-monsoon period.

(a) Western Disturbance
(b) Loo
(c) Kal Baisakhi
(d) Cherry Blossom

Answer: (b) Loo

(ii) Gully erosion is common in the:

(a) Chambal basin
(b) Ganga basin
(c) Rajasthan
(d) Hilly region

Answer: (c) Rajasthan

(iii) …………. and …………. crops are associated with laterite soil.

(a) Wheat and rice
(b) Sugarcane and rice
(c) Maize and Bajra
(d) Tea and Coffee

Answer: (d) Tea and Coffee

(iv) Which are the most widespread forests of India?

(a) Tropical Rain Forests

(b) Tropical Thorn Forest

(c) Tropical Deciduous Forests

(d) Littoral Forests

Answer: (c) Tropical Deciduous Forests

(v) ………….. is the oldest coalfield of India.

(a) Raniganj
(b) Jharia
(c) Bokaro

(d) Karanpura

Answer: (a) Raniganj

(vi) Cultivation of crops and raising of animals is a feature of ………..

(a) Intensive farming

(b) Plantation farming

(c) Mixed farming

(d) Commercial farming

Answer: (c) Mixed farming

(vii) ………. industries are also known as household industry.

(a) Basic Industry
(b) Co-operative Industry
(c) Cottage Industry
(d) Basic Industry

Answer: (c) Cottage Industry

(viii) Rourkela Steel Plant was built with the cooperation of ……….

(a) USSR

(b) Germany

(c) Japan

(d) France

Answer: (b) Germany

(ix) transport supplements the other modes of transport.

(a) Airways
(b) Roadways
(c) Waterways

(d) Railways

Answer: (b) Roadways

(x) Cheapest method of disposal of waste:

(a) Dumping
(b) Compositing
(c) Segregation
(d) Recycling  

Answer: (d) Recycling  

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