Hearts and Hands Treasure Trove Workbook Solutions Ch-4 Passage-2

Hearts and Hands Treasure Trove Short Stories Workbook Solutions Ch-4  Passage-2. All the solutions has been given as council latest prescribe guideline. Therefore you can achieve your goal in next upcoming exam of council. Visit official website CISCE for detail information about ICSE Board Class-10 English .

Hearts and Hands Treasure Trove Short Stories Workbook Solutions Ch-4  Passage-2


Board ICSE
Class 10th (X) / 9th (IX)
Subject English
Book Name Treasure Trove
Chapter-2 A horse and two goats
Passage-2 Easton, with a little…….of ambassador, but..’

Hearts and Hands Treasure Trove Short Stories Workbook Solutions Ch-4  Passage-2.

Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow…

Passage 2 – Easton, with a little…….of ambassador, but—

Question 1. How did the young woman react when she saw the handcuffs on her friend’s wrist?

Answer:   The young woman saw the handcuffs on her friend’s wrist The glad look in her girl’s eyes slowly changed to a bewildered horror. The glow faded from her cheeks. Her lips parted in not clear look of relaxing distress and she was evidently mortified.

Question 2 .  Easton states that, “Money has a way of taking wings unto itself, and you know it takes money to keep step with our crowd in Washington”. What does Mr. Easton mean by the idiom, “taking wings unto itself,” and what does this tell us about both Mr. Easton and Miss Fairchild’s former lives in Washington?

Answer: Mr. Easton is referring to the idea that money goes too quickly and their lives in Washington were expensive. This can also be connected to the other man’s comment that. “It’s seven years for counterfeiting” because the life in Washington could have led someone to counterfeit to have enough money to fit in.

Question 3. What did the glum faced man tell the young woman ? What effect did it have on her?

Answer: The glum faced man told the young woman that Mr Easton was a marshal and he was taking him to the prison that is why they were handcuffed. When the girl heard the man she was relieved. She took a deep breath and colour returned to her cheeks.

Question 4.What was the crime of the prisoner? And what is the punishment.

Answer: The crime of the prisoner was counterfeiting. And the punishment was imprisonment for seven years.

Question 5.What is the relationship between Mr. Easton and Ms. Fairchild?

Answer: Mr. Easton and Ms. Fairchild? feel to be true old friends and are even slightly emotional attractive to each other very much.

Question 6. Where was the prisoner being taken.

Answer:  Leavenworth prison was the place where The prisoner  being in custody.

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