ISC Parent, Student 2022: Not to Judge on Marks, Topper get Lesser by Fault

ISC Parent, Student 2022: Not to Judge on Marks, Topper get Lesser by Fault.  The ISC Class 12 result is about to declare.  Probably result may be declare on 24th of July 2022. You are kindly requested not to judge the performance of your loved one only by seeing the marks. Do not compare with any other student over the topic. there are many reason by CISCE fault to happen this . There are further way to improve your result without academic loss.

ICSE Parent, Student 2022

ISC Parent, Student 2022: Do Not Judge on Marks, Topper get Lesser by Fault- Report

In many cases there are often board error / checking fault / marks uploading wrongly occurs not only in CISCE but also in other exam. Although this is the age of machine having less chance to error even cases happen and option given to remove such error. scrutiny is one of them. keep the atmosphere of your home cool as normal. Do not create unnecessary pressure on the performance of ISC result.

Student of ISC Class 12 are also requested by icsehelp team please do not judge yourself capability only the seeing of result . fault is common nowadays.  There are many way to prove yourself a talented human in future.

Obtaining Good Marks is Only a Game- Psychologist

Obtains good marks in any exam is not only base for proving of some one talent. famous psychologists says that it is a game only and can play well if he/she know all the trick of either impressing to the copy checker with format, figure, writing , tabulation , highlighting. etc. or in in the exam hall. other factor also play important role.

At last my dear ISC Class 12 student We will say that marks  is the only piece of paper and you are piece of your guardian heart.

with best of luck


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