ICSE Physics 2023 Exam: Focus on These Point

ICSE Physics 2023 Exam: Focus on These Point otherwise It may be loss in marking. Class 10 ICSE Board Exams 2023 commenced on March 17, 2023.

ICSE Physics 2023 Exam Focus on These Point

After the English , Maths and Geography, students are preparing to appear in the next major exam, ICSE Class 10 Physics. To ensure your best performance,  make sure to check the given last minute revision tips and guidelines here. Visit the official website cisce.org for detail information.

ICSE Physics 2023 Exam: Important Guideline

According to press report English Maths and Geography are successfully conducted  in various ICSE School. The exam is scheduled to be conducted from 11 am to 1.00 pm on Friday, March 17, 2023.

Imp Tips for ICSE Physics 2023 Exam

The question format for this year, 2023 has changed. The paper is split into 2 sections.

Section A (compulsory) of 40 marks.

It comprises of:

Q1) 15 MCQ questions each of 1 mark (15×1=15)

Q2) 6 short answer questions of 2 marks each and 1 question of 3 marks [(2×6)+3=15]

Q3) 5 questions of 2 marks each (2×5=10)

 Section B (Optional) of 40 marks

.[candidates have to attempt 4 questions out of 6 questions in this section]

  • This section consists of questions 4 to 9 each worth 10 marks (divided into 3 sub parts)

How to prepare before the Examination

  • Solve Specimen paper 2023 of Sec-A and Sec-B released by CISCE
  • Get the formula of ICSE Physics.
  • Revise each chapter thoroughly and practice writing the answers from the previous year’s questions.
  • Keywords in each answer must be underlined while revising. All reasoning-based answers and definitions must have keywords.
  • Practice all numerical given after each chapter of the textbook.
  • While solving the numerical, write all parameters given and then substitute them in the formula. All steps must be shown and the final answer must have a proper unit.

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