Introduction to Chemistry MCQs Class-6 Dalal Simplified ICSE Chemistry Solutions Chapter-1

Introduction to Chemistry MCQs Class-6 Dalal Simplified ICSE Chemistry Solutions Chapter-1 Dr Viraf J Dalal Middle School Allied Publishers Solutions. Chapter-1. We Provide Step by Step Solutions of Exercise/Lesson -1  Correct name, Give reasons of Dr Viraf J Dalal Middle School Chemistry Allied Publishers. Visit official Website CISCE for detail information about ICSE Board Class-6.

Introduction to Chemistry MCQs Class-6 Dalal Simplified ICSE Chemistry Solutions Chapter-1

Board ICSE
Class 6th
Subject Chemistry
Book Name Dalal New Simplified
Chapter-1 Introduction to Chemistry
Unit-1 Introduction to Chemistry
Topic Solution of exercise MCQs
Session 2023-24

Objective Types Questions

Introduction to Chemistry MCQs Class-6 Dalal Simplified ICSE Chemistry Solutions Chapter-1

Question: 1. Select the correct name from the choice A, B or C in each case:

1. The branch of Science which deals with the different forms of energy e.g. light & sound.

A: Chemistry

B: Physics

C: Biology

Answer: option B: Physics is correct.

2. The branch of Chemistry which includes study of specific carbon compound-built up of mainly carbon and hydrogen.

A: Inorganic Chemistry

B: Physical Chemistry

C: Organic Chemistry

Answer: option C: Organic Chemistry is correct.

3. The scientist who formulated the Periodic Table.

A: John Dalton

B: Danial Rutherford

C: Dmitri Mendeleev

Answer: option C: Dmitri Mendeleev is correct.

4. Predecessors to the modern Chemist who created the ‘Philosopher’s stone’.

A: Botanists

B: Alchemists

C: Physicists

Answer: option B: Alchemists is correct.

5. A synthetic fiber used in clothing.

A: Cotton

B: Jute

C: Terylene

Answer: option C: Terylene is correct.

6. A medicine to treat pain, fever & inflammation.

A: Anesthetic

B: Aspirin

C: Antacid

Answer: option B: Aspirin is correct.

7. A water soluble cleaning agent – not inactivated by hard water.

A: Soap

B: Detergent

C: Cleanser

Answer: option B: Detergent is correct.

8. A substance which absorbs moisture & keeps the skin dry and free from rashes.

A: Talc

B: Preservative

C: Emulsifier

Answer: option A: Talc is correct.

9. A chemical used as a preservative for jams, pickles etc.

A: Titanium dioxide

B: Rayon

C: Benzoic acid

Answer: option C: Benzoic acid is correct.

10. A substance which dissolves grease & oil and is preferred as a – drain cleaner.

A: Glycerin

B: Sodium hydroxide

C: Hydrogen peroxide

Answer: option B: Sodium hydroxide is correct.

Question: 2. Match the apparatus A to J shown below with their correct names 1 to 10 given below:

Match the following

1. Delivery tube
2. Pipette
3. Wire gauze
4. Bee-hive shelf
5. Thistle funnel
6. Flat bottom flask
7. Test tube stand
8. Burette
9. Retort
10. Conical flask


1) Delivery Tube-G
2) Pipette-H
3) Wire gauze -B
4) Bee-hive shelf-D
5) Thistle funnel-J
6) Flat bottom flask-I
7) Test tube stand-A
8) Burette-E
9) Retort-F
10) Conical flask-C

Question: 3. Select the correct apparatus from A, B or C for each of the functions of the apparatus given:

1. For gas preparation where heating is required.

A: Flat bottom flask

B: Retort

C: Round bottom flask

Answer: option C: Round bottom flask is correct.

2. For holding washed test tubes.

A: Test tube holder

B: Test tube stand

C: Test tube stand

Answer: option B: Test tube stand is correct.

3. A glass apparatus resistant to chemicals, made of pyrex and used for heating specific liquids.

A: Beaker

B: Retort

C: Boiling tube

Answer: option C: Boiling tube is correct.

4. A metallic apparatus which supports the wire gauze.

A: A Tripod stand

B: Retort stand

C: Test tube stand

Answer: option B: Retort stand is correct.

5. A long glass apparatus closed at one end used for collecting gases.

A: Measuring cylinder

B: Gas jar

C: Beehive shelf

Answer: option B: Gas jar is correct.

6. A glass apparatus which measures liquid by sucking the liquid at one end upto the marked level and later pouring it out:

A: Burette

B: Measuring cylinder

C: Pipette

Answer: option C: Pipette is correct.

7. A long glass tube with a broad inlet at the top, which allows entry of the reactants into the round bottom flask, during laboratory preparations of gases.

A: Thistle funnel

B: Delivery tube

C: Funnel

Answer: option C: Funnel is correct.

8. A clay vessel kept in a trough of water during collection of a gas by downward displacement of water.

A: Retort

B: Beehive shelf

C: Burette

Answer: option B: Beehive shelf is correct.

9. A modern apparatus with an air regulator, used for heating purposes.

A: Spirit lamp

B: Bunsen burner

C: Electric stove

Answer: option B: Bunsen burner is correct.

10. A rectangular mesh with an asbestos at its center, kept for initiating even distribution of heat to the bottom of the apparatus.

A: Tripod stand

B: Wire gauze

C: Retort stand

Answer: option B: Wire gauze is correct.

Question: 4. Give reasons for the following:

Question: 1. Alchemy was considered a pseudoscience.

Answer: Towards the end of the 17th century, the scientific process involving modern chemistry started paving paths, and Alchemy is considered pseudoscience and chemistry regains its rightful position as a serious scientific field.

Question: 2. Preservatives are added to food or beverages.

Answer: Preservatives are added to food or beverages because of the following reasons:-

1) Prevent decomposition by bacteria and microbes.
2) Reduce the risk of food borne.
3) Preserve the nutritional quality of food.
Question: 3. Titanium dioxide is an important ingredient in cosmetics.

Answer: It is a natural pigment powder which provides a base for mineral makeup. It provides mild sun protection and as a pigment gives a white coloration to colored ingredients.

Question: 4. Aspirin is one of the most widely used medication – globally.

Answer: Aspirin is one of the most widely used medication-globally because of following reasons-
1) It is a medicine to treat pain, fever and inflammation.
2) Aspirin given shortly after a heart attack, may decrease risk of death.
3) As long term use it may reduce, blood clots in people who are at a high risk.

Question: 5. Ordinary soap is wasted in hard water.

Answer: Ordinary soap is wasted in hard water because hard water is one which does not  lather with soap.

Question: 6. A philosopher’s stone is not exactly a stone.

Answer: A philosopher’s stone in a legendary substance, capable of turning inexpensive metals like lead or mercury into-gold and silver (it was not literally a stone , but a powder of potion).

Question: 7. Food processing is an important procedure for obtaining marketable food products.

Answer: Food processing-involves physical or chemical processes, to transform or change the raw ingredients in food into easy usable form of food available in markets. Raw materials in food to Marketable food products

Food processing recesses
Mincing Cooking Pickling
Preservative addition Canning Packaging
Question: 8. Cosmetics may contain preservatives, as one of their ingredients.

Answer: The extend the shelf life of a cosmetic and may prevent growth of microorganisms.

Question: 9. Polyester is added to natural fiber cotton, to give terylene.

Answer: Polyester is a category of polymers that contains the ester functional group in every repeat unit of their main chain. This is done in order to make fabric resistant and easy to clean, polyester is added to natural fiber cotton, to give terylene.

Question: 10. All medicines must be taken under proper doctors supervision and in the correct dose.

Answer: All medicines must be taken under proper doctors supervision and in the correct dose because some medicine has side effects as aspirin not taken in proper dose may cause stomach ulcers similarly paracetamol if taken in high dose may cause liver problems.

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