Is There Any Marks for Attempting Question? Check Here Step Marks Detail

You often hear about Attempt Marking and Step Marking in descriptive type exam. Now we would explain in detail about above topics so that you can gain more in your board exam.

 Marks for Attempting Questions and Step Marks , Over Attempt

Is There Any Marks for Attempting Question

As the exam date are coming nearer the mind of student blowing many doubt about exam pattern and marking scheme . Main doubt are such that Is There Any Marks for Attempting Questions ? Is There Any Marks for Step Marking . Is There Any Marks for Attempting Extra Question . Therefore we are discussing in detail  over these important topics as board exam are going to be held very soon.

Is Any Marks for Attempting Questions ?

According press released and notification issued to answer sheet checker that if you have attempt questions but you have not fully solved the questions. The some marks are given in case if answer in complete due to lack of knowledge but full marks would be given in case if answer incomplete due to fault in questions / misprint.

Is There any Step Marking in descriptive Exam ?

After analysis the specimen paper of sem-2 In descriptive exam of certain subject such that numerical of Maths, Physics and chemistry full step needed. In your questions paper of numerical based subject instruction is given at top and front page “Loss of step is the loss of marking” Hence it is clear that step marking would be followed in your exam.

 Over Attempt questions , good / Bad

This system is fit into sec-B of ICSE and sec-B , C of ISC in which student are ask to attempt only few question among the section . Some student of CISCE attempted all the questions ignoring the instruction of attempted question given at beginning of section.

The notification issued by board to checker of answer sheet that if student has attempted all questions then all question of that section to be checked and the marks of calculated only which question has more marks. Hence it is advice to student of CISCE  to attempt all question of any section if time management budget allow.

At last it is advice to all CISCE student not to forget step marking , Attempt all question of any section and be profitable on attempting questions whether you could solve or not..

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