ISC Business Studies 2010 Class-12 Previous Year Question Paper

ISC Business Studies 2010 Class-12 Previous Year Question Paper Solved for practice. Step by step Solutions with Questions of Part-1 and Part-2. By the practice of Business Studies 2010 Class-12 Solved Previous Year Question Paper you can get the idea of solving.

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ISC Business Studies 2010 Class-12 Previous Year Question Paper Solved

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Maximum Marks: 80
Time allowed: Three hours

  • Candidates are allowed additional 15 minutes for only reading the paper. They must NOT start writing during this time.
  • Answer Question 1 (Compulsory) from Part 1 and five questions from Part II, choosing two questions from Section A, two questions from Section B and one question from either Section A or Section B.
  • The intended marks for questions or parts of questions are given in brackets [ ].


Answer all questions

ISC Business Studies 2010 Class-12 Previous Year Question Paper Solved

Question 1.
Answer briefly each of the questions (i) to (xv): [15 × 2]
(i) State two merits of internal recruitment.
(ii) ‘Training helps in reducing supervision of employees’. Justify.
(iii) List any two work conditions where time rate system of remuneration is more suitable than the piece rate system.
(iv) Mention four indicators of low morale amongst employees of an organisation.
(v) How does challenging work motivate employees ?
(vi) State two limitations of Maslow’s Theory of the hierarchy of human needs.
(vii) ‘Transfer is a mild form of punishment’. Explain.
(viii) What are the functions of a telephone recording and an answering set?
(ix) List the steps involved in report writing.
(x) What is meant by casting vote ?
(xi) Explain the term Point of Order.
(xii) Why is a histogram called a two dimensional graph?
(xiii) How does a business reply card help a business concern?
(xiv) Explain the term adjournment in the context of company meetings.
(xv) Write the expanded forms of the following:
(a) N.B.
(b) PABX
Answer 1:

(a) It helps in minimizing labor turnover.
(b) It helps in boosting the morale of existing employees.

(ii) Training increases the knowledge and skills of the employees. They get expertise in their related jobs. Therefore, it helps in reducing supervision of employees.


(a) When number of units cannot be counted or work cannot be measured.
(b) When quality of production has to be given weight age over quantity of production.


(a) High rate of wastage and spoilage.
(b ) High rate of absenteeism.
(c) High rate of labor turnover.
(d) High rate of strikes.

(v) Challenging work certainly motivates employees. By giving a challenging work to the capable employees increases the sense of faith for their institution. Challenging work helps the employees in building their reputation in the institution. They are trusted by the other employees. This motivates the employees.

(vi) Recent research challenges the order that the needs are imposed by Mas low’s pyramid. As an example, in some cultures, social needs are placed more fundamentally than any others. Further, Mas low’s hierarchy fails to explain the “starving artist” scenario, in which the aesthetic neglects their physical needs to pursuit of aesthetic or spiritual goals. Little evidence suggests that people satisfy exclusively one motivating need at a time, other than situations where needs conflict.

(vii) Transfer is a mild form of punishment. It is true. When the employee neglects work or conflicts with other employees or does the act of misconduct, the management can transfer the erring employee to a new place. Transfer from one place to another (unimportant place) is a very common practice while punishing the employees.

(viii) A telephone recording and answering set has a remote listening facility whereby the answerphone owner can ring their home number and, by either sending a tone down the line using a special device, or by entering a code on the remote telephone’s keypad, can listen to messages when away from home. The owner may record his or her message that will be played back to the caller, or an automatic message will be played if the owner does not record one. Answering machines can usually be programmed to take the call at a certain number of rings.

Many devices offer a “toll saver” function, whereby the machine answers only after several rings (typically four) if no messages have been left, but answers after a smaller number of rings (usually two) if there are messages. This allows the owner to know whether there are messages waiting; if there are none, he or she can hang up the phone on the third ring without incurring a call charge.

(ix) Steps involved in report writing are :

  • Clarity purpose and expectations
  • Decide on appropriate structure for report
  • Drafting
  • Circulating the draft
  • Integrating Comments
  • Writing Executive Summary
  • Circulating Final Draft
  • Editing
  • Layout

(x) The vote that gives one group a majority when the other votes are equally divided. The person in charge of a committee, for example, often has the right to give a casting vote.

(xi) Point of order: This is a motion for expressing any objection or complaint by a member against – the speech maker. Point of order can be raised on the following conditions.

  • Incorrect procedure of meeting.
  • Irrelevant issues are raised by any member;
  • If a member uses some unpleasant language;
  • Infringement of the rules of the society;
  • When a member passes defamatory or insulting remarks on some other member.
  • When a quorum has fallen due to the early leaving of some member or members and a member objects to it.

(xii) A histogram is a bar chart representing a frequency distribution; heights of the bars represent observed frequencies. Histogram is prepared using X and Y axis of a chart. Therefore, it is called two dimensional graph.

(xiii) Business reply card is helps a business concern to procure mail orders, suggestions on its products, survery reports, etc. Business reply card is a prepaid card in which the sender does not need to affix postage stamps. Postage is borne by the business concern.

(xiv) In the case there is any difficulty in holding any annual general meeting (except the first annual meeting), the registrar may, for any special reasons shown, grant an extension of time for holding the meeting by a period not exceeding 3 months provided the application for the purpose is made before the due date of the annual general meeting.

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