ISC English Language 2018 Class-12 Previous Year Question

ISC English Language 2018 Class-12 Previous Year Question Papers Solved for practice. Step by step Solutions with Questions. By the practice of English Language 2018 Class-12 Solved Previous Year Question Paper you can get the idea of solving.

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ISC English Language 2018 Class-12 Previous Year Question Papers

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ISC English Language 2018 Class-12 Previous Year Question Papers

Maximum Marks: 100
Time allowed: Three hours

(Candidates are allowed additional 15 minutes for only reading the paper. They must NOT start writing during this time.)
Attempt all four questions.
The intended marks for questions or parts of questions are given in brackets [ ].
(You are advised to spend not more than 50 minutes on Question 1, 40 minutes on Question 2, 30 minutes on Question 3 and 1 hour on Question 4.)
(You should begin each answer on a fresh page.)

ISC English Language 2018 Class-12 Previous Year Question Papers

Question 1.

Write a composition (in approximately 450-500 words) on any one of the following subjects : (30)
(You are reminded that you will be rewarded for orderly and coherent presentation of material, use of appropriate style and general accuracy of spelling, punctuation and grammar.)

(a) You have recently moved to a new neighbourhood in your city. Describe the new neighbourhood, comparing it to the one you have just left.
(b) Relate something unpleasant that happened to you during your childhood that nevertheless helped you to grow up and mature.
(c) ‘The end justifies the means. ’ Argue for a against the statement.
(d) ‘Appearances can be deceptive’. Give your views on this topic.
(e) Dreams
(f) Write a short story that ends with the words “I really doubt if things could have turned out any better.”
Answer 1. (ISC English Language 2018 Class-12)


(а) Make use of the following hints and write your own answer.


  • quite a new experience with the new neighborhood
  • more social and accommodating
  • less quarrelsome and more well mannered
  • more sacrificing, the previous being too self-centered
  • more open-hearted than the previous neighbors who were too narrowminded
  • mixed lot, rich and poor, highly educated and less educated living in harmony
  • quite happy in the new neighborhood.

(b) Hints:

  • was quite frail in childhood
  • timid and shy
  • easily scared of the bullies
  • decided to turn frailties into strength
  • started yoga to be fit
  • developed strong willpower and the faculty to speak
  • now full of confidence and successful
  • Learnt how’ to fix the problem and didn’t blame anyone.

(c) (Against the Statement)

  • achievement of the goal everybody’s concern
  • means to achieve the end more important
  • earning money or gaining success through unfair means kills the soul
  • only fair means need be adopted
  • passing by copying or bribing counter productive
  • example of Gandhiji and such other prominent personalities – means justify ends
  • only good means inspire people
  • to make world happier only good means and intentions desirable.


  • outward glamour and show not the reality or worth of somebody or something
  • smiling faces may have devilish minds
  • simple appearances may concel godliness or saintliness
  • robes of sadhus may hide evil instincts and lusts
  • world easily deceived by ornamentation
  • all that glitters is not gold


  • dreams – fulfilments of cherished desires
  • different dreams interpreted differently
  • pleasant dreams bring in cheer
  • horrible dreams startle even in sleep.
  • day dreaming of armed chair philosophers and idealists.
  • some utopian dreams
  • dreams very necessary to make the world more charming and worthliving
  • dreams not bad, greatmen had great dreams
  • alway s dream of good and great things and w orkhard to turn dreams into reality.


  • Kamlesh, promising young boy
  • wanted to go abroad for studies for medicine
  • father with moderate means couldn’t afford
  • Kamlesh worked very hard and stood first in the university
  • applied for the scholarship with a philanthropist society for the meritorious and the poor
  • selected to pursue studies abroad
  • showed talent for research
  • awarded the degree
  • returned home and started his practice
  • philanthropist society exempted his loan
  • Kamlesh could not have expected more things could have not turned better than this
  • Things could have not turned better than this

Question 2.  (ISC English Language 2018 Class-12)

You are the editor of your school magazine. You have recently attended a cultural programme in your city. Write an account of this programme (in approximately 300 words) using the points given below : (20)


Date and venue – occasion – Chief Guest – other invitees – inauguration – events – other important features – highlights – reaction of audience – conclusion
Answer 2. (ISC English Language 2018 Class-12)

A Cultural Programme

A very interesting and enlightening cultural programme was held on the eve of the Independence day in the Desh Bhagatyadgar Hall in Jalandhar. It was organised by the artists of Tagore Dramatic club on the request of the Deputy Commissioner of our city. Navjot Singh Siddhu, the minister for Local Bodies, who is himself a talented poet and artist, was the chief guest. Among the other invitees were the principal, of schools and colleges, leading doctors, lawyers and many big industrialists.

Punctually at 6 p.m. the programme started with a devotional song by Hand Raj Hans. After this song the function was formally inaugurated by the Chief guest. The Deputy Commissioner then welcomed the honourable guests. The first item was a skit by the members of Tagore Dramatic Club. It was highly enjoyable skit on the theme of patriotism. The skit highlighted the sacrifices made by the freedom fighters in the struggle for independence.

After this skit, the artists presented patriotic songs which the audience enjoyed very’ much. Thereafter, a poetic competition was held for about an hour. Most of the poems presented on the occasion were full of humour, satire and comedy. The comic sketches presented by Dr Nagpal sent the audience into guffaws of laughter.

Then there was a programme of dance followed by Bhangra by the artists of D.A.V. College, Jal. It was undoubtedly the best item in the whole programme. The audience enjoyed it so much that some young boys and girls started dancing in their seats. In his presidential remarks Siddhuji entertained the audience with revelant verses and poems. The show was a grand success. The Deputy Commissioner, thanked the guests, the organisms and the audience for their co-operation in making the programme a grand success.

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