ISC Geography Semester-2 Solved Specimen Paper 2022 Class-12

ISC Geography Semester-2 Solved Specimen / Model / Sample Paper 2022 Class-12 for practice. Step by step solutions of ISC Class-12 specimen model sample paper. During solutions of semester-2 Geography specimen paper we explain with figure , graph, table whenever necessary so that student can achieve their goal in next upcoming exam of council .

ISC Geography Semester-2 Solved Specimen / Model / Sample Paper 2022 Class-12

Board ISC
Class  12th (XII)
Subject Geography
Topic Semester-2 ISC Specimen Paper Solved
Syllabus  on bifurcated syllabus (after reduction)
session 2021-22
Question Type  Descriptive Type  (as prescribe by council)
Total question Total-11 with all parts (Sec A, B and C)
Max mark 35

Warning :- before viewing solution view Question Paper

Solved Class-12 for practice Set of Geography Semester-2 ISC Specimen Model Sample Paper


Question 1:

Study the outline Map of India given below and answer the questions that follow:

geography specimen paper semester 2

(i) The main tea producing region marked A is the _Assam_.

(ii) The offshore mineral producing field marked B is the _Mumbai_.

(iii) The city marked E is also known as the __Garden City_ of India.

(iv) Identify and name the following:

(a) The cotton textile producing centre marked D.

Answer :  Surat

(b) The State shaded and marked F.

Answer : Chhattisgarh

(v) The roadway C, connecting the two cities (x) and (y) is:

(a) National Highway 1

(b) National Highway 2

(c) National Highway 6

(d) National Highway 7

Answer : (b) National Highway 2

(vi) The port city marked G is:

(a) Mumbai

(b) Kochi

(c) Chennai

(d) Kolkata

Answer : (b) Kochi


Answer the following questions.

Question 2:

Briefly explain any two drawbacks of the first Green Revolution.

Answer :

  • A lack of biodiversity in the global structures of croplands has been established.
  • With one ravaging disease, it can be washed out.

Question 3:

(i) ‘The prospect of the hydroelectric power generation is very high in the Northern Mountain Region’. Justify the given statement by giving two reasons.


(ii) ‘India should switch over its energy dependence from conventional to non-conventional energy sources.’ Justify the given statement by giving two reasons.

Answer : Update soon …………

Question 4:

List four factors of development and briefly explain how they have favoured the growth of the Mumbai-Pune Industrial region.

Answer : Update soon …………

Question 5:

Explain any two natural factors that have favoured the development of fishing industry in Bangladesh.

Answer :  Update soon …………

Question 6:

Explain any two reasons why transport means are considered important for Indian economic development.

Answer :  Update soon …………

Question 7:

Differentiate between micro planning region and the macro planning region.

Answer :

A micro-region is a distinct territorial unit with clearly marked boundaries below the regional level, but above the village level. Micro-planning regions are the smallest of all planning regions and have the potential for developing at least one specialization of production cycle of great significance.

Macro region can be a state of even a group of states, if the states of a country are not big enough. A Macro-major region can be a zone in a country, which may comprise of a few States.


Question 8:

(i) Explain the reasons for the low density of metalled roads in the Himalayan regions of India.


(ii) Discuss the advantages of Telecommunication in India.

Answer :

(ii) Advantages of Telecommunication :

  1. Quick and accessible communication
  2. Lack of time period
  3. Saves time
  4. Saves gasoline (do not need to drive distance)
  5. More than two people can communicate with at least one another at an equivalent time
  6. Next “best thing” to being there
  7. Easy to exchange ideas and knowledge via phone and/or fax
  8. Worldwide access
  9. Easy access to the people you would like to contact.

Question 9:

Refer to the sketch map given below and answer the questions that follow:

geography specimen paper semester 2 img 2

(i) Name the steel plant and mention its location. From where does this steel plant obtain coal and iron ore?

(ii) Why are these iron and steel plants important?

Answer : Update soon …………

(ii) Iron ore and steel industry is one of the basic industries of the country and plays an important role in strengthening the economy. The role of iron and steel industry in India is very important for the development of the country. Iron and steel are among the most important components required for the infrastructure development in the country. 

The production of finished steel was increased by 16.52%. The production of finished carbon steel was 24.8 million tons in the year 2006-07.

Question 10:

Study the picture given below and answer the questions that follow:

geography specimen paper semester 2 img 3

(i) Explain the process of sowing the crop shown in the above picture.

(ii) State any two advantages of the method of sowing the given crop.

Answer :  (i) Pre germinate the seeds as for wet nursery. Sow the seeds by drum seeder or broadcast uniformly with thin jfilm of water. Thinning and gap filling should be done 14-21 days after sowing. Dual cropping of rice-green manure is economic for nutrient budget and efficient for grain production.


  • A. This method ensures maximum utilization of land.
  • B. It is helpful in achieving an economical use of water and a highest yield.
  • C. It helps in early harvesting.
  • D. The draining of water from the field before harvesting is made easy.

Question 11:

Read the following passage and answer the questions given below.

Haldia Port was constructed on Hooghly river as a solution to the problems of siltation at Kolkata Port. The locational advantages of Haldia Port were that it allowed movement of bigger vessels and was free from tidal bores.

However, lately the Haldia Port is affected by siltation and requires the opening of an alternative channel which will allow easy entry of vessels.

(i) State two locational advantages of the Haldia Port.

(ii) Mention any four states of India which form the hinterland of Haldia Port.

Answer : Update soon …………

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