ISC Physical Education 2016 Class-12 Previous Year Question Paper Solved

ISC Physical Education 2016 Class-12 Previous Year Question Paper Solved for practice. Step by step Solutions with Questions. By the practice of Physical Education 2016 Class-12 Solved Previous Year Question Paper you can get the idea of solving.

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ISC Physical Education 2016 Class-12 Previous Year Question Paper Solved

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Maximum Marks: 70
Time allowed: Three hours

(Candidates are allowed additional 15 minutes for only reading the paper. They must NOT start writing during this time.)

  • Answer any five questions from Section A.
  • Section B comprises of one question on each game with five sub parts (a), (b), (c), (d) and (e). Select any two games from this Section.
  • Answer any three of the five sub parts (a), (b), (c), (d) and (e) from each of the two games selected by you in this section.
  • The intended marks for questions or parts of questions are given in brackets [ ].


(40 Marks)
Answer any five questions.

Previous Year Question Paper ISC Physical Education 2016 Class-12  Solved

Question 1:
Explain how games and sports are helpful in promoting national integration among the players. [8]
Answer 1:
National integration means unity of nation. Physical Education plays an important role in building it. National integration includes feeling of brotherhood, friendship and oneness. When the people of different countries participate in games and sports and visit another district/state/country they come across the different ways of living, customs, religion, traditions, languages, eating habits, beliefs, etc. In sports camp players come from different states, live together, practice to participate in one game by living and working together and exchange ideas, habits etc.

Games and sports attract people from all over the world or nation. Social qualities such as patience, co-operation, sympathy etc. are developed. It satisfies the basic needs such as recognition, and self-respect. Sports is a universal language. At its best it can bring people together, no matter what their origin, background, religious beliefs or economic status.

Physical Education provides a common platform where they forget all their differences. It plays very important role in bringing about national unity.

Question 2:
What is meant by sports training? Explain the importance of sports training in the field of games. [8]
Answer 2:
Sports Training : Training is a process of preparing an individual for any event or an activity or job. In sports we use the term ‘sports training’ which denotes the sense of preparing sports persons for the highest level of performance. Sports training is the physical, technical, intellectual, psychological and moral preparation of an athlete or a player by means of physical education. Sports training is an overall scientific and systematic channel of preparation of sports persons for high level of sports performance. Therefore, we can say that sports training is a type of training that is designed to improve our fitness (in the broad sense of the term) level for the purpose of improving your ability to perform a given sports.

The importance of sports training is as follows :

  1. Physical Fitness : Physical fitness is the basic requirement of any game and sports. There is a specific requirement of each component of physical fitness according to the specific sport. Sports training helps in building a fine physique and ensures good health.
  2. Discipline : Sports training helps in incorporating a sense of discipline in a persons life.
  3. Unity : Sports training teaches a sports person about teamwork, sense of belonging and unselfish play. It also encourages to play for team rather than for one’s personal accomplishment.
  4. Confidence : It boost the morale of a person when he performs and also when he excels towards a particular game. It improves self esteem as well as body posture, which makes one feel more confident and determined.
  5. Focus : Counselors and mental trainers help in identifying those areas which are causing the sportsman to become distracted on the field and enhance focus on the field.

Question 3:
List the various career options available in the field of physical education. Discuss any two of them in detail. [8]
Answer 3:
Career options available in the field of physical education are:
(1) Professional Sportsman.
(2) Sports Manager.
(3) Sports Teacher or Lecturer.
(4) Sports Coach.
(5) Gym Instructor.
(6) Sports Officials.
(7) Sports Event Co-ordinator.
(8) Sports Journalist.
(9) Sports Engineer.
(10) Marketing and Manufacturing Sports Equipments.
(11) Sports Photographer.
(12) Physical Therapist.

Sports Teacher or Lecturer : Physical Education has a major role to play in the school and college system. Physical Education occupies a dignified position in the higher education sector. Apart from being taught in training colleges it has been included as an elective subject in degree course. Physical Education professionals whosoever qualifies NET, M.Phil, B.P.Ed., M.P.Ed., Ph.D. degree may get job as Teacher / Lecturer in the school/colleges.

Sports Journalist : Sports Journalist write about and report on amateur and professional sports. As a sports journalist, you can expect a variety of job duties such as reporting game statistics, interviewing coaches and players and offering game commentary. One can work in a variety of media, including radio, television and print.


Question 4:
Mention the importance of intramural competitions and extramural competitions. Write any two objectives of each. [8]
Answer 4:
Importance of Intramural Competitions :

  • Intramurals are very significant for physical, mental, emotional and social development of students.
  • They instill and inculcate discipline among the students.
  • They provide maximum recreation to the students.
  • They develop healthy competition among the participants.
  • They help in improving the personality of the students.

Importance of Extramural Competitions :

  • Provide opportunity to schools to show their sports capabilities. .
  • Enhance technical knowledge.
  • Boost personal efficacy and self esteem.
  • Increased level of self confidence.

Objectives of Intramurals:

  • Provide opportunities for development of positive attitudes.
  • Allow the development of sports and knowledge and strategies through participation in a safe and competitive situation.

Objective of Extramurals:

  • To improve the standard of sports.
  • To aid in the development of sportsmanship and fraternity.

Question 5:
What is meant by drugs and drug abuse ? Name any two drugs that are banned by the World Anti-Drugs Agency (WADA). Explain why these drugs are banned. [8]
Answer 5:
Drugs : Chemical substances that excite a person mentally or physically are called drugs. Drugs are powerful stimulant of the brain. They can produce an ecstatic sensation of both physical and mental power with temporary disappearance of feeling of fatigues and hunger.

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