Julius Caesar Act-3 Scene-1 Summary: ICSE Class 10 Drama

Julius Caesar Act-3 Scene-1 Summary: ICSE Class 10 Drama. Scene wise summary is given to grasp the story easily using simple word. Therefore read the summary of carefully so that you can answer the extract question in your own word. Visit official website CISCE for detail information about ISC Board Class-10 English.

Julius Caesar Act-3 Scene-1 Summary for ICSE Class 10 Drama

Julius Caesar Act-3 Scene-1 Summary: ICSE Class 10 Drama

Board CSE
Publishers  Evergreen Publications
Subject English
Class 10
Book Name Julius Caesar (Workbook )
Session  2024-25
Topics Summary of Act-3, Scene-1
Question Type Useful in Context Questions

Summary of Act-3, Scene-1 of Julius Caesar

The scene 1 of act 3 starts outside the Capitol

Caesar is Outside Capitol with Conspirators and supporters

The scene 1 of act 3 took place at outside the capitol, where Caesar arrives not only with his supporters but also with the conspirators. As Caesar approaches, the soothsayer again warn him that the Ides of March (15th March) have come .  Artemidorus and Decius try to hand petitions to Caesar, but he refused them saying that he will read them later which is related to him.

Trebonius Draw Mark Antony Away from Caesar as planned

Trebonius, the conspirator Draw Mark Antony Away from Caesar as pre-planned. Caesar then goes into the Capitol with the senators, including the conspirators. Popilius whispers something to Cassius that worries him about disclosing the plan, but Brutus confirm his dobut clearly to Cassius that when he sees Popilius smile at Caesar. The conspirators are relieved. ,Trebonius motivate Mark Antony away from Caesar as planned.

Conspirators Stabbed Caesar

Caesar sits on the throne. Metellus Cimber kneels before Caesar and petitions to cancellation his brother’s banishment. But Caesar refuses , saying he stands firmly by his decisions. Seeing no other way, Casca strikes the first blow at Caesar from behind his neck. The other conspirators surround Caesar, stabbing him repeatedly. Lastly, Brutus stabbed the final strike, at which Caesar told his famous words, “Et tu, Brute?” before dying at the base of Pompey’s statue.

Public Runs to and fro in Fear and Confusion

The news of Caesar murder spread at high rate in country . the public runs around in fear and confusion the streets . The conspirators request, pleading with the senators and the public not to worry . Antony, shocked at what has happened,hence  runs home feeling unsafe. He sends his servant at incident place to check if the conspirators plan to harm him too. The servant cleverly flatters the conspirators, after which Brutus confirm promisely for Antony’s safetyif he comes here.

Antony is Back

Antony soon arrives, mourning over Caesar’s body and almost offering to let the conspirators kill him too out of loyalty to Caesar. But Brutus confirm him that there is no problems against Antony. All conspirators make emotion of friendship with Antony, but Cassius remains suspicious of seeing his doubtful behaviour. Antony agree with friendship to conspirator if they gives proper and reasonable reason for killing then brutus replied that he would told it but first of all we should explain to anfry Romans. antony shook hand all of them including Brutus.

Antony Requests to Speak at Caesar’s Funeral.

After friendship Antony then requests to speak at Caesar’s funeral. Cassius takes objection as he can be risky , but Brutus allows it conditionally, provided Antony speaks only with their permission and after Brutus has spoken first. Antony agrees, so the conspirators depart, leaving him alone with the body.

All Exit except Antony and Octavius’s servant enters

Octavius’s servant enters and sees the dead body on the ground. Antony immediately tells him to return to Octavius, who had been traveling to Rome at Caesar’s behest, and keep his master out of the city for safty; Rome is now dangerous for Octavius as he is Caesar’s adopted son and appointed successor. But Antony again told the servant to wait and come to the Forum and hear his funeral speech. If public responds to the conspirators’ evil deed in positive or not, then carry message to decide how Octavius should next plan.

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