Julius Caesar Act-3 Scene-2 Summary: ICSE Class 10 Drama

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Julius Caesar Act-3 Scene-2 Summary: ICSE Class 10 Drama

Board   ICSE
Subject English
Class 10
Book Name Julius Caesar (Workbook )
Session  2024-25
Topics Summary of Act-3, Scene-2
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Summary of Act-3, Scene-2 of Julius Caesar

The scene-2 of act-3 start in a place of Rome’s central public square / forum. Where Brutus and Cassius enter, which is thronged with angry citizens demanding reason and explanation of murder

Brutus gives a logical but unemotional speech

.Brutus divide the crowd half for Cassius to deliver his clearification, and rest half Brutus  himself presenting reasons to angry and confuse Romans. He told the Romans to contain their emotions until he has finished his speech,  and to use their reason in order to judge him. He then explain the reasonable explanation of the Caesar murder.

Julius Caesar Act-3 Scene-2 MCQs ICSE Class 10 Workbook Solutions of Eng Drama

Brutus gives a logical but unemotional speech to the people. He claims he loved Caesar, but he loved Rome more yet forced to kill Caesar because Caesar was becoming too ambitious and wanted to make all the citizens his slaves. On hearing this motivational speech The citizens are convinced and at the end of his oration, cheer him with emotion. They carry Brutus to home in a victory celebration.

Brutus Told Romans to Hear Antony

As pre plan decided, Now Brutus directs them to listen to Antony’s funeral oration who will also speak about Caesar’s death. This turns out to be a huge mistake by Brutus. Antony is a clever speaker who knows how to play on people’s emotions.

 Antony Trys to Feel the Pulse of Romans Regarding Conspirator

When Antony first speaks, the crowd crys that Caesar was an ambitious. He feel the situation politely and calls them “friends” and “Romans” and says he has only come to bury Caesar, not praise him. He added , He will try to be as logical as Brutus was. Antony agrees that Brutus is an honourable man, and if Caesar was too ambitious, then his death was reasonable.

Antony’ Speech Cleverly to Divert Romans Mood Against Conspirators

But slowly, Antony reminds the people of good things Caesar did, like filling the treasury with money from conquered lands and crying when the poor were suffering. Antony asks, “Was this ambition?” He also reminds them of how Caesar refused a crown when Antony offered it to him multiple times. Was refusing power a sign of ambition? Antony tells the crowd, “Men have lost their reason!” He pauses for effect, and the emotional crowd starts to turn against the conspirators.

Mark Antony also told  that he does not want to accuse the “honourable” conspirators, but in reality, he repeats that word with growing tautness to weaken them. Antony cleverly hints that Caesar left a will for the people, but refuses to read it, knowing this will make the crowd even angrier and more unstable. The upset mob demands to hear  Caesar’s will soon.

Antony Discover Caesar’s Stabbed Body to Crowd

Julius Caesar Act-3 Scene-2 Summary ICSE Class 10 Drama

Antony descends from the stage and reveals Caesar’s bloody, stabbed body to the crowd. He describes each wound and names Caesar’s killers, while still calling them “honourable.” This whips the crowd into an absolute rage. Antony reads Caesar’s will, which leaves money seventy five drachmas and land to every Roman citizen. This is the last keel, and the upset mob is ready to burn and destroy the house of conspirator. They grab torches and benches from the forum and cremate Caesar’s body in a furious, then set out to burn the houses of his killers.

A Servant tell Antony about Octavius Arrival

Now Antony has full confidence that he has enough change the mood of mob again conspirator.” A servant enters and informs Antony that Octavius has arrived and is with Lepidus at Caesar’s house. Antony is pleased and decides to visit him immediately to plan to take advantage of the situations he has created. The servant reports that Brutus and Cassius have fled Rome, and Antony suspects that they have heard of his rousing the people to madness.

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