Julius Caesar Act-4 Scene-1 Context Questions: ICSE Class 10 Eng Drama

Julius Caesar Act-4 Scene-1 Context Questions: ICSE Class 10 Eng Drama.  Context Questions are very common in English Drama because it help in the evaluation of skill among students . Visit official website CISCE for detail information about ISC Board Class-10 English.

Julius Caesar Act-4 Scene-1 Context Questions ICSE Class 10 Eng Drama

Julius Caesar Act-4 Scene-1 Context Questions: ICSE Class 10 Eng Drama

Board ICSE
Subject English
Class 10
Book Name Julius Caesar
Session  2024-25
Topics  Act-4, Scene-1
Question Type Context Questions

Context Questions

Julius Caesar Act-4 Scene-1 ICSE Class 10 workbook Solutions

Que:  Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow

ANTONY – This is a slight unmeritable man. ….. ….. …. OCTAVIUS – So you thought him?

Que-1:  Who is Antony referring to? Who is he talking to?

Ans: Antony is referring to Lepidus. He is talking to Octavius.

Que-2:  Why does he call the man ‘slight unmeritable’? On what errand was he sent? Why?

Ans: Antony calls the man ‘slight unmeritable’ because he views Lepidus as non qualified and not willing to participate the power of the triumvirate. He was sent to bring Caesar’s will, to find out how can cut the public fund to collect money.

Que-3:  What arguments have been made? Where will the three meet?

Ans: In discussion Antony comment that Lepidus does not have an equal participation in the triumvirate’s power. They confirm to meet either at the current location or at the Capitol.

Que-4: What are Antony’s intentions regarding Lepidus? What is the ‘threefold world’?

Ans: Antony’s intentions using Lepidus only for urgent needs and then dismiss him. The ‘threefold world’ indicate to the power distributed among these three person equally.

Que-5:  How does Octavius refute what Antony has just said? What arguments does he place after this extract?

Ans: Octavius objected Antony idea and thinking by telling about Lepidus, as a “tried and valiant/brave soldier”

OCTAVIUS – You may do your will; ….. ……. appoint him store of provender

Que-1:  What made Octavius say ‘You may do your will’?

Ans:   Octavius says ‘You may do your will’ in response to Antony’s mocking of Lepidus mind, indicating that Antony has the freedom to act as he pleases.

Que-2:  How does Antony compare Lepidus to his horse?

Ans: Antony compares Lepidus to his horse by saying that both are useful for their duty and loyalty, while not useful for taking immediate decision on important issues.

Que-3:  What does ‘store of provender’ mean? How is the horse’s ‘corporal motion’ governed by Antony’s spirit?

Ans: ‘Store of provender’ means a food supply.  Antony express as he manipulate his horse’s  actions, he can manipulate Lepidus on same way.

Que-4:  In what way does Antony further degrade Lepidus? Would you degrade a classmate in this manner? Write your answer in two sentences.

Ans: Antony depress Lepidus by comparing as a tool / horse which work on other guidance. I never depress a classmate in such insulting manner.

Que-5:  What are the important things Antony wants to speak about? What four things does he suggest to Octavius to do?

Ans: The important matter Antony seek to discuss over the threat given by Brutus and Cassius. The four things are  combining forces, making alliances, increase means, plan strategies

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