Julius Caesar Act-4 Scene-1 Summary: ICSE Class 10 Drama

Julius Caesar Act-4 Scene-1 Summary: ICSE Class 10 Drama. Scene wise summary is given to grasp the story easily using simple word. Therefore read the summary carefully so that you can answer the extract question in your own word. Visit official website CISCE for detail information about ISC Board Class-10 English.

Julius Caesar Act-4 Scene-1 Summary ICSE Class 10 Drama

Julius Caesar Act-4 Scene-1 Summary: ICSE Class 10 Drama

Board ICSE
Subject English
Class 10
Book Name Julius Caesar (Workbook )
Session  2024-25
Topics Summary of Act-4, Scene-1
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Summary of Act-4, Scene-1 of Julius Caesar

Act-4 Scene-1 take place In A hall within Antony’s House. to know the summary in detail read the following.

The three men Mark Antony, Octavius, and Lepidus are now ruling Rome. They decide to meet in the Antony house to discuss how can we treat who was involved in the murder plotting against Caesar.

Meeting of Three Rulers Starts at Antony Residence

The three rulers, “group name the Triumvirate”, are in position around a table with a list of names of men involve in murder plot. They have marked whom to be killed. Antony speaks at opening of scene “These many, men will have to die; their names are ticked (marked).” During meeting Octavius enquire Lepidus if he permit to kill even his own brother, as his name is included the list. Lepidus accept the proposal, giving a condition if Antony’s nephew Publius is also have to be killed. Antony marks Publius’ name to punish him as death.

Antony Wants Money to Maintain Army

During conversation Antony sent Lepidus to fetch Caesar’s will so that possibilities can be filter out to collect some funds. This fund will use them to pay to maintain armies to fight against Brutus and Cassius’ forces. Lepidus ask the place of returning then Antony reply that either current place or at capitol. As soon as Lepidus goes, Antony insults him, by calling him worthless and unfit of being one of the three rulers of Rome.

Antony tease Lepidus but Octavious objected

Once again Antony tease Lepidus, comparing him to a stupid donkey who only carries loads without thinking. He says Lepidus has no unique idea and just follow what others do. Octavius takes objection over Lepidus mocking, Lepidus call him a “loyal and brave soldier.” But Antony again tease at doubles speed, saying his horses are braver than Lepidus, comparing him a man to an animal who just feeds and walks around. Antony feels Lepidus as a blind follower.

Brutus and Cassius are preparing armies —- Antony

After that Antony change the topic, disclosing that Brutus and Cassius are preparing armies to fight them. He stress that they must also immediate start to join together their own groups, funds, and armies right away to face them. At closing of scene The two agree to held a council meeting soon to prepare a full proof plan for next military movement against the conspirators and other enemies.

— End of Julius Caesar Act-4 Scene-1 Summary : –.

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