Julius Caesar Act-4 Scene-2 Context Questions: ICSE Class 10 Eng Drama

Julius Caesar Act-4 Scene-2 Context Questions: ICSE Class 10 Eng Drama. Context Questions are very common in English Drama because it help in the evaluation of skill among students . Visit official website CISCE for detail information about ISC Board Class-10 English.

Julius Caesar Act-4 Scene-2 Context Questions ICSE Class 10 Eng Drama

Julius Caesar Act-4 Scene-2 Context Questions: ICSE Class 10 Eng Drama

Board ICSE
Subject English
Class 10
Book Name Julius Caesar
Session  2024-25
Topics  Act-4, Scene-2
Question Type Context Questions

Context Questions

Julius Caesar Act-4 Scene-2 ICSE Class 10 workbook Solutions

Que:  Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow

LUCILIUS-With courtesy and with respect  …. ….. As he hath used of old

Que-1:  Who is being spoken about? Where does this scene take place? Who is Lucilius speaking about?

Ans: Lucilius is speaking about Cassius. This scene takes place near Turkey Sardis, He is addressing Brutus regarding Cassius’ mentality towards him.

Que-2: How does the listener assess ‘a hot friend cooling’ after the extract?

Ans: The listener, exclaimed “‘a hot friend cooling”’ by noting that if love begins to weaken, it recall to an enforced function, lacking the real affection that indicate past close relation.

Que-3:  To whom are ‘hollow men’ compared to?

Ans: ‘The horse has been compared to Hollow men’  which present a bravery show  but fail to suffer when tested, particularly under the pressure of the bloody inspiration

Que-4:  Whose army approaches? What are their intentions?

Ans: The army of Cassius’ approaches with the intention to hault in Sardis.

Que-5:  Compare the relationship between Brutus and Cassius to that of Antony and Octavius who appear more rational and logical? Give reasons for your answer.

Ans: The relationship between Brutus and Cassius is clearly shown by tension, and mis understanding,  highlighted by their heated quarrel in Brutus’ tent. while Antony and Octavius, not directly shown in this context, . The  Antony and Octavius’ relationship likely flourish  from their shared goal and seek to defeating their enemies,

CASSIUS- Brutus this sober form …. ….. ….. I do know you well

Que-1:  Which sober form of Brutus is Cassius referring to? How does Brutus use this ‘sober form’ to his advantage?

Ans: Cassius refers calm,neutral response of Brutus’ which he suggests hides Brutus’ wrong doings. Brutus uses this ‘sober for’ his advantage by maintaining moral high ground and authority, especially in mis understanding, making it difficult for others to question his actions without seeming to challenge his integrity.

Que-2:  Why does Brutus ask Cassius to speak his griefs softly?

Ans Brutus urge Cassius to speak calmly and softly to maintain closeness and unity before their armies,telling that any mis understanding between them is a lack of unity or love, which may be risky at this time

Que-3:  What does Cassius instruct Pindarus to do?

Ans: Cassius instructs Pindarus to slip their commanders lead their charges off a little far, for private preeting for their discussion without the  presence of their armies

Que-4:  Who guards the door of the tent?

Ans:  The Lucilius and Titinius are guard the door of the tent, so that that no one van enters until the meeting of Brutus and Cassius have finished.

Que-5:  How does this scene depict the relationship of Brutus and Cassius falling apart?

Ans: This scene clealy indicate the breaking relationship of Brutus and Cassius due to their intense quarrel, marked by accusations of wrong doing, mis understanding, and a lack of trust. Their heated remarks reveals lack of love and a shift from mutual understanding relationship on their friendship.

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