Life’s Unpleasant Situations Teach Valuable Lessons

Life’s Unpleasant Situations Teach Valuable Lessons: Present your reflections on this statement. Asking to write a compositions is common question in English Language Paper of All Board Exam. Hence  CISCE also ask the same in Specimen 2024 for ISC Class 12 exam.

Lifes Unpleasant Situations Teach Valuable Lessons

Life’s Unpleasant Situations Teach Valuable Lessons

(Present your reflections on this statement)

These are just a few incidents from the life of common people. Every incident that took place in the life of each individual brought the experience which taught them a very valuable lesson. My friend John owned a motorcycle. It is not a big one, but it could reach a really dangerous speed.

one night after a movie with my friend

We were on our way home one night after a movie in a cinema few kilometers away from my house, we were on the main road, we cruised along freely . I placed my head over John’s shoulder and had a peep on the speedometer, and to my excite, the needle was shaking around 100km/h mark! This was the fastest experience that I ever had on a moving vehicle!

 Suddenly hard left turn on high way

I really felt excited riding on the pillion of John’s motorcycle! Suddenly, John stepped on the brakes and made a really hard left turn to get out from the highway and continue on our journey back. But during the turn, I heard a loud bang coming from the rear part of the motorcycle.

Loose Control of His Bike

My friend loose control of his bike and it drag both of us with it quite a distance away. The motorcycle was dragging me helplessly with my head scouring on the floor. It all happened in just a few seconds

I looked around desperately. Oh, my good! Friend was lying flat on his back and groaning softly.  I had a glanced around to find out what just happened, but all I could see was a car with its right front light broken and its bumper dropped on the floor in a curved shape.

Bleeding around Us

John turned me around suddenly and had a good look on my left forehead, and then he said to me that I’m bleeding with a quite deep wound on my left forehead. I raised my left arm and try to wipe off the blood, and only then I found that my left arm was badly wounded and bleeding. I started felt very dizzy.

Ambulance reaches at the spot

All of a sudden, powerful lights blinded me. I vaguely remembered being carried into a van. I was too stunned to protest. both of my leg suddenly paralyzed, I kneeled on my knees and blacked out.

teach us a valuable lesson

Eventually, we recovered from the painful accident in a month time. This incident teach us a valuable lesson that over speed is confirm Death.

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