Macbeth Act-3 Scene-2 Context Questions: ISC Class 12 Drama Workbook Solutions

Macbeth Act-3 Scene-2 Context Questions: ISC Class 12 Drama Workbook Solutions.  Asking Context Questions are very common in English Drama because it help in the evalution of skill among students . Visit official website CISCE for detail information about ISC Board Class-12 English.

Macbeth Act-3 Scene-2 Context Questions ISC Class 12 Drama Workbook Solutions

Macbeth Act-3 Scene-2 Context Questions: ISC Class 12 Drama Workbook Solutions

Board ISC
Subject English
Class 12
Book Name  Macbeth
Session  2024-25
Topics Workbook Solutions of Act-3, Scene-2
Question Type Context Questions

Context Questions

Macbeth Act-3 Scene-2 Context Questions: ISC Class 12 Workbook Solutions of Eng Drama

Que:  Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow

Lady Macbeth: Nought’s had …. ….  …. you keep alone.

Que-1: Why does Lady Macbeth feel that they have gained nothing and whatever they have done has been pointless?

Ans: Lady Macbeth feeling of nothing because it gives no satisfaction and calm despite of getting power. She express restlessness among pleasure of monachy. She thinks that it is better to die than living such fearful and uncertain future.

Que-2: What do you learn about Macbeth’s behaviour from the lines that follow?

Ans: Macbeth is illustrated as full of fear and guilt. His fears with the consequences of their deed of Duccan Murder, He is feeling as state of mental depression.

Que-3:  What is Lady Macbeth’s attitude towards their deed of murdering Duncan?

Ans: Here Lady Macbeth’s regrets and a sense of blankness. She questions herself  that the murder of Duncan has brought them morepanicl than victory.

Que-4: Give the meaning of the following words: i. sorriest fancies ii. doubtful joy

Ans: (i) Deeply regretful or mournful thoughts (ii) Happiness in uncertainity

Que-5: What change is found in Lady Macbeth’s behaviour when compared to what she was in the beginning of the play?

Ans: Lady Macbeth was the adviser and more ambitious in the begning of play. But now, she is in stae of mental restlessness , doubtful , feeling unsatisfaction.

Macbeth: But let the frame of  .. … … In restless ecstasy

Que-1: Explain the first four lines of the extract.

Ans: Macbeth telling that one should face the circumstances of the natural order of world’s suffering rather than live in continue fear and terrible nightmares. His words shows that present situation would be over soon.

Que-2: What is the image related to danger that Macbeth has used just before this extract?

Ans:  Macbeth uses the image as wounded snake to express the danger they feel. He tells that they have only wounded the snakeand not killed it,It means the danger can occure at any moment.

Que-3: In what way does Macbeth envy Duncan who lies in his grave?

Ans: Macbeth jeolous Duncan’s peace in grave, indicating it with his own restless and distressed state. He feels that Duncan is free from worries and tension of life, Sleeps at his bed with peace and releaf.

Que-4: Why does Macbeth want to be with the dead?

Ans: Macbeth want to be dead because he thinks that it would bring back him in peace, in spite of current state of fear, guilt, and anxiety. Therefore He jelous  the dead for their peacefully  and be safe from the tension of the living.

Que-5: Give the meanings of:  i. malice domestic ii. foreign levy

Ans:  (i) Internalevil within own house/ country (ii) An army or force imposed by a foreign.

Macbeth:  great bond …. … Which keeps me …….

Que-1: Macbeth addressing as ‘dearest chuck’? How has the relationship of Macbeth changed with his ‘dearest chuck’?

Ans: Macbeth addresses Lady Macbeth as ‘dearest chuck’. this show the great change the relationshi between them. Mabeth fully rely and follow the lady Macbeth advises earlier while now he do not disclose the plan before lady Macbeth.

Que-2: What deed of Macbeth will the person spoken to applaud? What does this statement show about the change in Macbeth ?

Ans: Here Macbeth planned murder of Banquo,He thinks that lady Macbeth would support him. This shows that Macbeth’s raising independence in taking decision.

Que-3: What does Macbeth invoke the night to do?

Ans: Macbeth call the night to hide the deed which he plans to commit, So tells it to cover the eye of day and put a cover of darkness for his horror deed of murder.

Que-4: Fill in the blanks in the extract given above.

Ans:   please See the extract to fill in the blanks yourself

Que-5: Give the meaning of the following words: i. seeling ii. scarf up

Ans: (i) closing (ii) To cover up.

Que-6: What does Macbeth utter after the extract that makes Lady Macbeth  wonder as to what he means to say?

Ans: After the extract, Macbeth disclose ‘deed of dreadful note’ partly that is to be done, which riddles Lady Macbeth as she could not understand the matter of upcoming night.

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