Macbeth Act-3 Scene-6 Summary: ISC Class 12 Drama

Macbeth Act-3 Scene-6 Summary: ISC Class 12 Drama. Scene wise summary is given to grasp the story easily using simple word. Therefore read the summary  carefully so that you can able to answer the extract question in your own word. Visit official website CISCE for detail information about ISC Board Class-12 English.

Macbeth Act-3 Scene-6 Summary ISC Class 12 Drama

Macbeth Act-3 Scene-6 Summary: ISC Class 12 Drama

Board ISC
Subject English
Class 12
Book Name Macbeth (Drama)
Session  2024-25
Topics Summary of Act-3, Scene-6

Act-3 Scene-6 Summary of Macbeth

In this Act 3, Scene 6 consists of Lennox and a Lord discussing the situation of Scotland politics. They expose details, including the locations of Fleance, Malcolm, Donalbain, and Macduff. They openly call Macbeth a “tyrant,” illustrating the suspicion of the people of Scotland. To know the summary in detail read the following

“Lennox” and Lord Argument on Current Political Issues

At opening of scene , A loyal of Duccan “Lennox” and another Lord  argument on current political situation of Scotland. Lennox comments jokely hinting that uncommon have been happening regarding King Duncan’s death. He notice that Macbeth tooks pity on Duncan, even Duncan killed while Banquo was killed by Fleance, as official report. Lennox again remarks how dangerous it was for Malcolm and Donalbain to kill their kind father, Duncan.

Strange Incident Happening as Dramatic Style

Lennox commented jokely , saying Macbeth captures and imprisoned Duncan’s sons on father’s murder, and same to same upon Fleance. The other unnamed Lord ignores Lennox’s teasing style, responding deeply that Malcolm and Donalbain have ran to England under King Edward’s security. all fled after the murders and The sons may be accused of killing their fathers. The Lord added that same thing for Macduff who ran to England seeking support from Edward, He want Army support of England destrying Macbeth becomes clear both of them suspects Macbeth is behind all the killings

England is Preparing for Battle Against Macbeth- Lord

The Lord disclose that England is preparing for battle against Macbeth tyrant.  Lennox ask if Macbeth try to return Macduff,  the Lord replies that Macduff refused to return back. Lennox advises to take more attention to avoid Macbeth’s anger. He exclaimed that God help to speed up Macduff to England so that Edward can arrange enough support fastly to protect Scotland from Macbeth’s tyrant. The Lord accept, telling that he will pray to God to fullfill Macduff’s mission. Macbeth has also heard all of this and may be preparing for battle, so the two pray for Macduff’s success.

Scene Create Dramatic Tension

The boghus discussion establishes Lennox and the unnamed Lord as awarness of Macbeth’s dangerous mood. Forces of England will defeat Macbeth’s power This scene create dramatic tension and cunfusion among scotland as rumour without playing more.

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