Macbeth Act-4 Scene-2 Summary: ISC Class 12 Drama

Macbeth Act-4 Scene-2 Summary: ISC Class 12 Drama Scene wise summary is given to grasp the story easily using simple word. Therefore read the summary  carefully so that you can able to answer the extract question in your own word. Visit official website CISCE for detail information about ISC Board Class-12 English.

Macbeth Act-4 Scene-2 Summary ISC Class 12 Drama

Macbeth Act-4 Scene-2 Summary: ISC Class 12 Drama

Board ISC
Subject English
Class 12
Book Name Macbeth
Session  2024-25
Topics Summary of Act-4, Scene-2

Act-4 Scene-2 Summary of Macbeth

In this Act 4, Scene-2 takes place at Macduff’s castle in Fife . To know the summary in detail read the following

Lady Macbeth express her frustration Before Ross Regarding Macduff Flight

Lady Macduff is very angry with tension that her husband Macduff has fled to England without telling leaving her and their young son unprotected. Ross visited to her and She express her frustration to him. Lady Macduff enquired with him that what crime Macduff has committed to abandon his family in such situation. She calls his fled as an act of madness and timidness.

Ross Explains Lady Macduff indirectly about Harsh Situation

Ross reply to her, saying Macduff is noble, wise and brilliant. He knows what is wrong and what is right at current political situation of Scotland, However, Ross can not speak directly, as seeking the current circumstances have made everyone suspicious of being as a traitor. He encourage Lady Macduff that the situation seems bad now, yet situation will improve soon. With these arguments, Ross left the castle.

Lady Macduff then starts Discussion with Her Son

Whenever Ross left ,Lady Macduff then starts a conversation with her young son. She commented that his father is dead, she enquire the son how he will live now. The pre mature child smartly responds that he will live like the birds. Lady Macduff jokes that he will have to eat worms then. But her son replied that just a birds gets what they eat to survive, so I shall also get my food to eat.

Son Ask a Serious Question  as Rumours Claims

Their laughing conversation takes a U turn when the son enquired if his father really was a traitor, as per the rumours claim. Lady Macduff clear the doubt that he was a traitor only as Scottish definition – one who lies and breaks promises. But her son discuss that if all liars are traitors, the traitors number is more than the honest people and can reign on them.

Murderer Cruelly Stabs to Son and Mother

At the moment, a messenger enter and warn to Lady Macduff about danger approaching and requesting them to flee at once. But it is too late – murderers arrive at that moment hired by Macbeth. Lady Macduff courageously face them, She refuge to accept that her husband is a traitor. In the fight, one murderer cruelly stabs the young son, who runs away saying his mother to save herself. The Lady Macduff’s cries with horror and she is killed by murderer also at the end of scene.

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