Macbeth Act-4 Scene-3 Context Questions: ISC Class 12 Drama Workbook Solutions

Macbeth Act-4 Scene-3 Context Questions: ISC Class 12 Drama Workbook Solutions. Asking Context Questions are very common in English Drama because it help in the evaluation of skill among students . Visit official website CISCE for detail information about ISC Board Class-12 English.

Macbeth Act-4 Scene-3 Context Questions ISC Class 12 Drama Workbook Solutions

Macbeth Act-4 Scene-3 Context Questions: ISC Class 12 Drama Workbook Solutions

Board ISC
Subject English
Class 12
Book Name  Macbeth
Session  2024-25
Topics Workbook Solutions of Act-4, Scene-3
Question Type Context Questions

Context Questions

Macbeth Act-4 Scene-3 Context Questions: ISC Class 12 Drama Workbook Solutions

Que:  Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow

  Macduff: Let us rather Hold fast the mortal sword  …. …..  ….  Like syllable of dolour.

Que-1: Who is the speaker? Who is he speaking to?

Ans: Macduff is the speaker. He is speaking to Malcolm.

Que-2: What is the speaker’s main concern?

Ans: The speaker’s main concern is Macbeth’s tyranny

Que-3: What is the person’s attitude who is spoken to? Why has the person adopted such an attitude?

Ans: At beginning the  Malcolm is initially suspicious as he may be Macbeth’s agent. Person adopts such attitude to test Macduff’s loyalty.

Que-4: What does the person accuse the speaker of? How does he justify the reason for doing so?

Ans: The person accuses speaker of possibility of being like Macbeth. He justifies by saying that a good one man converted to bad one as soon as gets power.

Que-5: Explain the lines: Each new morn….. syllable of dolour.

Ans: Every morning brings new cries of new widows and orphans. These sorrow cries strike the sky as sky themselves felt Scotland’s cry , grief and sorrow.

Malcolm: But Macbeth is, ……… ……  Yet grace must still look so.

Que-1: What are Malcolm’s apprehensions regarding the credibility of Macduff?

Ans: Malcolm is doubtful that Macduff may be an agent of Macbeth to capture me.

Que-2: What does Malcolm say about virtue? Which example from the Bible does he give?

Ans: Malcolm says that  a virtuous person may change into bad one when gets power.  The example of Lucifer, the brightest angel, who fell from grace has been given by him.

Que-3: What pertinent question does Malcolm ask Macduff regarding the latter deserting his family?

Ans: The pertinent question that Malcolm asks Macduff “why he left his wife and children unprotected in Scotland when he came to England”.

Que-4: How does Macduff react to Malcolm’s question?

Ans: Macduff is deeply shocked by Malcolm’s question and lose hope regarding Malcolm help to finish Macbeth ambition.

Que-5: Why does he bid farewell to Malcolm?

Ans: He bids farewell to Malcolm in a sense of betrayal. When Malcolm demonstrate himself as unfit to rule Scotland and claiming to be more harmful than Macbeth—Macduff loose hopes.

Malcolm: With this, there grows ……. ……. Destroying them for wealth.

Que-1: What personal drawbacks of himself does Malcolm apprise Macduff of?

Ans: Malcolm expressing himself as greedy desire for more, if he were king, he would illegally take the lands of nobles, wealth, and engage in further greedy actions that would harm them for my personal profit.

Que-2: Why is Malcolm degrading himself in front of Macduff?

Ans: Malcolm degrades himself in front of Macduff to test Macduff’s loyalty and intentions.

Que-3: How does Macduff’ show his desperation towards Malcolm? What does he say to Malcolm regarding the satisfaction of the latter’s greed?

Ans: Macduff shows his desperation by arguing that Scotland can offer enough to satisfy Malcolm’s growing greed without harming the good and loyal person.

He attempting to minimise Malcolm’s worried about his perfectness as supremo of Scotland.

Que-4: How does Malcolm go on to further degrade himself?

Ans: Malcolm further degrades by telling that he lacks the king ability such as justice, truth, and others. He suggesting that he would greater risk to Scotland than Macbeth ambition.

Que-5: How does Macduff show his frustration towards Malcolm in the succeeding lines of the extract?

Ans: Macduff show his frustration under Malcolm’s described himself as leadership quality he does not belongs hence loose hopes regarding Scotland political situation.

Malcolm: Macduff, this noble passion, …. …. Deal between thee and me!

Que-1: What aroused the ‘black scruples’ in Malcolm’s mind against Macduff?

Ans: Malcolm’s doubts about Macduff were due to his suspicion of Macduff’s intentions, fearing that Macduff, once favoured Macbeth, might be an agent of Macbeth to capture Malcolm.

Que-2: What made Malcolm remove the ‘black scruples’ regarding Macduff?

Ans: Malcolm’s doubts were removed when Macduff’s respond regarding Malcolm being a worse ruler than Macbeth.

Que-3: What does Malcolm tell Macduff in the succeeding lines of the extract about himself? How does he justify his credibility?

Ans: Malcolm disclose that his previous demonstration of dis qualification as a king were a test of Macduff’s loyalty, It is not true image of his real character. Macduff responses as Malcolm dis qualification justified his credibility.

Macduff: See, who comes here …. …  I know him not.

Que-1: Who comes here’? What news has the person brought about the terrible condition prevailing in Scotland at that time?

Ans: Ross comes here. Person bringing news of the terrible conditions in Scotland under Macbeth’s rule. He says Scotland is like a grave where people are dying day be day.

Que-2: What does Macduff ask the person that makes the person answer with a note of hesitation?

Ans: Macduff enquires about well being of his family including wife and children.

Que-3: What does the person tell Macduff which arouses the latter’s fears?

Ans: The person replying  hesitated answer that his wife and son were well at Macduff flight moment, which creates Macduff’s fears.

Que-4: How does Macduff react to the sad news?

Ans: As soon as Ross tells that Macduff’s whole family has been brutally murdered by Macbeth he became overwhelmed with grief sorrow and anguish.

Que-5: How does Malcolm stir in Macduff the determination to take revenge on Macbeth?

Ans: Malcolm urges Macduff to turn his grief and sorrow into revengeful anger to destroy Macbeth power.

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