Mobile Phone: Enemy or Friend, Compositions Either FOR or AGAINST Statement

Mobile Phone: Enemy or Friend, Compositions Either FOR or AGAINST Statement. Asking to write a compositions is common question in English Language Paper of All Board Exam. Hence  CISCE also ask the same in Specimen 2024 for ISC Class 12 exam.

Mobile Phone Enemy or Friend A compostion in either or Against the statement

Mobile phones are our enemies and not friends. Express your views either FOR or AGAINST the given statement.

Today is the age of science . Our life style is also dependent on technology. Mobile phone is one of them. From ancient time we need fast and easy communication therefore Mobile phone became the part of human life now days.

Landline phone old

View FOR Mobile Phone

Mobile phones are used for many purposes such as for playing games, listening to music, using social networking sites. Students use mobile phones for study purposes undoubtedly. If mobile phones are in the right hands, then they are a marvel. Now 1 want to ask a question. Is a knife a useful instrument or a perilous weapon? It depends on how it is used. Mobile phones are used to keep in touch with family members, for conducting business. The Good uses of Mobile phones are

  • Calling and messaging using a mobile phone.
  • Taking pictures and videos with camera
  • Browsing the internet
  • Using the flash as a flashlight
  • Being able to read books and documents
  • Sending e-mails to detached places
  • To know the time and to fix alarm, doing the calculation
  • Getting news from different channels
  • Study from various chanel

The world has become a global village with the touch of modem technology

View Against Mobile Phone

Every coin has two face. In case of Mobile phone also having two face.using a mobile phone every time is keeping you far from your friends, family, and other relatives. Firstly it is waste of time. the serious factor affects human health. It is the cause of waste the energy, during use of cell phone all the parts of the human body are spending energy on it like eyes, hands, and mind, etc

The Biggest Dis-advantage

Then another biggest disadvantage for students is they have very high loss of their studies. So many of them get very bad results and get fail in the exam. The most important thing that it may cause death, some people use it during driving, which may cause accidents.

Then if you have your personal images, videos or files, etc. on your device. Other people can easily steal your images and videos. Mobile phones are very expensive. People spend money on these which is a loss of money. Some people speak lies while talking on cell phones, which is fraud and make people more liar. Finally.

Addicted to Mobile Phones

It is easy to get addicted to mobile phones but hard to overcome it. Numerous people around the world are addicted to their mobile phones. The behaviour pattern of mobile addicts is more or less the same. There are certain signs and symptoms that clearly show that a person is addicted to his/ her mobile phone

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