Nine Gold Medals Stanza-2 Treasure Trove Poem Workbook ICSE English Solutions.

Nine Gold Medals Stanza-2 Treasure Trove Poem Workbook ICSE English Solutions.. Workbook Exercise Question and Answer of Nine Gold Medals by David Roth. Visit official website CISCE for detail information about ICSE Board Class- 10 English.

Nine Gold Medals Stanza-2 Treasure Trove Poem

by David Roth Workbook ICSE English Solutions

Board ICSE
Class 10th
Subject English
Book Name Treasure Trove
Chapter-10 Nine Gold Medals
Lines 5-8 Stanza-2
Topic Workbook Question and Answer
Session 2023-24

Nine Gold Medals Stanza-2

Poem by David Roth Workbook ICSE English Solutions

Question :- Read the following extract from the poem Nine Gold Medals by David Roth and answer the questions that follows:

“The spectators gathered around the old field
To cheer on all the young women and men 
The final event of the day was approaching 
Excitement grew high to begin”

Question 1 :- Explain with reference to context.

Reference : The above given stanza has been taken from the poem Nine Gold Medals written by David Roth.


In this poem, the poet is focusing on human values like compassion and cooperation. Through this poem the poet refers that sporting events or competitions are not just about winning medals but more about showing the values like kindness, empathy, love and cooperation.

One who exhibits these values can be a true sportsman, by presenting the situation of a race, where the contestants leave aside their desire to win the medal to help a smaller and weaker contestant. They all go hand-in-hand to the finishing line and all of them wins the gold medals.


A large audience was present at the ground to cheer the participants of different events they cheered and enjoy throughout the day. Noe it was the time for the final event of the day the one hundred meter race. People were eagerly waiting for the event to begin.

The day was little different for the audience because the participants were specially abled youngsters. They overcome all the obstacles of life to participate in this event. They felt like encouraging them for achieving the great fest of ‘Participating’ in the mega event. The above line shows the enthusiasm of the viewers. They were thrilled to experience this events which have been beyond the imagination.

Question 2 :-What sports event is referred to earlier in the context?

Answer: The sports event referred in the context is the ‘Special Olympics’. This is a 100-metre race and  the most popular event. This is the most popular event because all the contestants are differently abled persons which means the contestants have some problem in the particular parts of the body.

Question 3 :- What does the poet’s reference to the spectators, who have gathered to watch the event, imply?

Answer: Here in the above context spectators are referred to the viewers. those viewers were in a very encouraging and cheerful mood. They were curious and passionate to see contestants touching the finish line. ‘Young women and men’ has been referred here as the viewers, from this we get to know that the majority which are visible are mostly young.

Question 4 :- Which event was about to begin?

AnswerThe event which was about to begin was the ‘Special Olympics’ of 100 metre-race is referred here as the event which was about to begin. There was an enthusiastic and huge crowd of viewers who were waiting eagerly for the contestants to start running.

Question 5 :- Which phrase has been used by the poet to describe the venue or the place where the event is going to take place? What does this imply?

Answer: The phrase that the poet have used to describe the venue of the Special Olympics is the ‘old field’. It refers that this field is the right venue for the important of all athletic events and Sports. It’s not possible to organize this event for any other new field.


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