Nootan Solutions Wave ISC Physics Class-11 Ch-25

Nootan Solutions Wave ISC Physics Class-11 Ch-25 Vol-2 Nageen Prakashan.  Step by step Solutions of Numericals of latest edition of Kumar and Mittal ISC Physics Part-2 Class-11 Nageen Prakashan Questions. Visit official Website CISCE for detail information about ISC Board Class-11 Physics.

Nootan Solutions Wave ISC Physics Class-11 Ch-25

Class: 11
Subject: Physics Part-2
Chapter: 25 Wave
Board ISC
Writer / Publications Nootan / Nageen Prakashan / Kumar and Mittal
Topics Solved Numericals of page 937, 938

Nootan Solutions Wave ISC Physics Class-11 Ch-25 Vol-2 Kumar and Mittal

Waveforms  :-

The famous scientist and physicist d’ Alembert’s formulated the formula of F or shape involves the argument that is denoted as x − vt. In this argument, we can say Constant values which correspond to constant values of F, and if x increases then the rate that vt increases here the constant of values occur. That can be said as the wave-shaped like the F function which will move in the positive direction of x at velocity v and G will propagate at the same speed in the negative direction of x.

In another case of a periodic function F with period denoted as λ, that is  F(x + λ − vt) = F(x − vt) in this the periodicity of F in space has a meaning that a snapshot of the wave which at a given time denoted as t finds the wave varying periodically in space with period λ is denoted as the wavelength of the wave. In a similar manner this periodicity of F implies a periodicity in time t as well that is F(x − v(t + T)) = F(x − vt) 

and then vT = λ,

So we can observe the wave at a fixed location that is x that finds the wave undulating periodically in time with period T = λ/v.

Wavelength of a wave :-

In the case of a progressive wave, the distance between two points in the same phase at that particular time period is known as the wavelength of a wave. The distance is twice the number of two consecutive nodes and antinodes.

Types and Features of Waves :-

There are two kinds of Waves that are transverse and the longitudinal waves. Transverse waves are like those which are on the water, with the surface going down and up, and longitudinal waves are like those similar to sound waves. The transverse wave high point is called the crest whereas the low point is called the trough.

For waves that are longitudinal, the refractions and compressions are analogous to the through and crests and transverse waves.

The distance between successive troughs and crests or is called the wavelength. The height of a wave is defined as the amplitude. How many troughs and crests pass a specific point during a unit of time is known as the frequency. The wave velocity can be expressed as the wavelength which multiplied by the frequency.

Waves can travel far distances even though the oscillation at one point is small. For example, a thunderclap can be heard kilometers away from where it is actually present yet the sound carried manifests itself at any point only as a minute refraction of air and compressions.

Waves display several basic phenomena like In reflection phenomenon a wave encounters an obstacle and it is reflected back. In the phenomenon of refraction, a wave bends when it enters a medium through it has a different speed. In the phenomenon of diffraction, the waves bend when they pass around small obstacles and spread out when they go through small openings that are present.

Nootan Solutions Wave ISC Physics Class-11 Ch-25 Vol-2 

(Page – 937, 938)

Question 1:

The Frequency of a ratio transmission centre ………………………. from the station.

Question 2:

Ripples are being generated by a vibrator …………………. generated waves.

Question 3:



Question 15:

The displacement-equation ………………… of the wave.

Question 16:



Question 22:

The  equation of motion of a particular ………………….. of the particle.


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