Physical Education Semester-2 ICSE Specimen Paper Solved Class-10

Physical Education Semester-2 ICSE Specimen Paper Solved Class-10.  Step by step solutions of ICSE Class-10 specimen model sample paper.  During solutions of semester-2 Physical Education specimen paper so that student can achieve their goal in next upcoming exam of council .

Physical Education Semester-2 ICSE Specimen Paper Solved Class-10

Board ISC
Class  10th (X)
Subject Physical Education
Topic Semester-2 ICSE Specimen Paper Solved
Syllabus  on bifurcated syllabus (after reduction)
session 2021-22
Question Type Descriptive Type (as prescribe by council)
Total question Total- 24 with all parts {Sec-A & B }
Max mark 50

Physical Education Semester-2 ICSE Specimen Paper Solved Class-10

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(Attempt all questions.)

Question 1:

Choose the correct answers to the questions from the given options. (Do not copy the question, Write the correct answer only.)

(i) Where did the game of cricket originate?

(a) India.

(b) Australia.

(c) West Indies.

(d) England.

Answer:  (d) England.

(ii) What is the full form of ICC?

(a) International Conference on Communications.

(b) International Commerce Centre.

(c) International Cricket Council.

(d) Indian Cricket Control.

Answer:  (c) International Cricket Council.

(iii) The term used when a batsman is dismissed without scoring any run:

(a) Duck.

(b) Over.

(c) Bye.

(d) Leg bye.

Answer:  (a) Duck.

(iv) What is the total width of the pitched stumps?

(a) 9 inches. (22.8 cm)

(b) 28 inches. (71.1 cm)

(c) 38 inches. (96.5 cm).

(d) 22 yards. (20.12 m).

Answer: (a) 9 inches. (22.8 cm)

(v) What is the distance between a bowling crease and a popping crease?

(a) 10 feet. (3.04 m)

(b) 4 feet. (1.22 m)

(c) 22 yards. (20.12 m)

(d) 12 ft (3.66 m)

Answer: (b) 4 feet. (1.22 m)


(Attempt any two questions from this Section.)

Physical Education Semester-2 ICSE Specimen Paper

Question 2:

(i) What is bump ball in cricket?

(ii) Define the term Stumped.

(iii) Name any three national tournaments in cricket.

(iv) What is the importance of the ‘30-yard circle’ in a cricket match?


(i) Bump ball : A ball hit (as by a batsman in cricket) so that it strikes the ground and then rises a fielder caught a bump ball and mistakenly thought he had caught the batsman out.

(ii) Stumped is a method of dismissing a batsman in cricket, which involves the wicket-keeper putting down the wicket while the batsman is out of his ground.

(iii) The domestic competitions include the Ranji Trophy, the Duleep Trophy, the Vijay Hazare Trophy, the Deodhar Trophy, the Irani Trophyand the NKP Salve Challenger Trophy.

(iv) The ‘close-infield’ comprises of two semi-circles of 15 meters in diameter and they sit within the 30-yard circle. This is used to delineate where those fielding in close proximity to the batsmen, including slips and those in ‘silly’ positions can be found.

Question 3:

(i) Explain the term Timed out in cricket.

(ii) What do you mean by a Tie match in cricket?

(iii) State any three duties of Main Umpire in cricket.

(iv) Write down any three fielding positions on Leg side in cricket.


(i) Timed out is a method of dismissal in the sport of cricket. It occurs when an incoming batsman is not ready to play within three minutes of the previous batsman being out.

(ii) The result of a match is a “tie” when the scores are equal at the conclusion of play, but only if the side batting last has completed its innings (i.e. all innings are completed, or, in limited-overs cricket, the set number of overs has been played or play is terminally stopped by weather or bad light).


  1. Be fair and Don’t use unfair way
  2. Do as exact decision as he can
  3. Not to be Overconfident on any decisions
  4. He should know cricket properly
  5. Be a genuine guy


Question 4:

(i) State any two variations of spin bowling.

(ii) Explain the term Stance in cricket.

(iii) What is a Declaration in cricket?

(iv) State any three ways by which runs are scored in cricket.


(i) The Googly:  The googly (or the ‘wrong un’, as it is often called) is bowled by leg break bowlers, and it is perhaps the most famous spin bowling variation.

Top Spinner (Leg Break Bowlers) : Top spinners are primarily bowled by leg break bowlers, however off break bowlers do have their own version, so I’ll cover that shortly.

The Slider: The slider is another variation for leg break bowlers! It is a delivery that looks very similar to a leg break during the release and the flight of the ball, but instead of getting the ball spinning diagonally forwards like we do during a leg break, a slider gets the ball spinning in a slightly different direction. I’ve used the diagram below to illustrate how the slider should be spinning differently to a standard leg break. This direction of spin means that once it hits the pitch, it holds its line and ‘slides’ on to the batsman.

(ii) The stance is the position in which a batting player stands to have the ball bowled to them. An ideal stance is “comfortable, relaxed and balanced”, with the feet 40 cm (16 in) apart, parallel and astride the crease. Additionally, the front shoulder should be pointing down the wicket, the head facing the bowler, the weight equally balanced and the bat near the back toe.

(iii) A declaration occurs when a captain declares his team’s innings closed and a forfeiture occurs when a captain chooses to forfeit an innings without batting. Declaration and forfeiture are covered in Law 15 of the Laws of Cricket.

(iv) In cricket all runs are scored while a team is batting. The three basic ways to score runs are: running between the wickets, boundaries and extras.


(Attempt all questions.)

Physical Education Semester-2 ICSE Specimen Paper

Question 5:

Choose the correct answers to the questions from the given options. (Do not copy the question, Write the correct answer only.) 

(i) What is the number of playing members on the field in a football match?

(a) 15.

(b) 7.

(c) 11.

(d) 12.

Answer:  (c) 11.

(ii) Which size ball is used in an international football match?

(a) 2.

(b) 1.

(c) 3.

(d) 5.

Answer: (d) 5.

(iii) The field of play is divided into two halves by:

(a) Sideline.

(b) Half way line.

(c) Endline.

(d) Touch line.

Answer: (b) Half way line.

(iv) How much time is allotted for interval during a football match?

(a) 15 minutes.

(b) 30 minutes.

(c) 45 minutes.

(d) 90 minutes.

Answer:  (a) 15 minutes.

(v) What is the width and length of the football goal area?

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