Respiration in Plants Short Answer Biology Class-9 ICSE Selina Publishers

Respiration in Plants Short Answer  Biology Class-9 ICSE Selina Publishers Solutions Chapter-7. Step By Step ICSE Selina Concise Solutions of Chapter-7 Respiration in Plants with Exercise-7 including MCQs, Very Short Answer Type, Short Answer Type, Long Answer Type and Structured/Application Questions Solved Visit official Website CISCE for detail information about ICSE Board Class-9.

Respiration in Plants Exe-7 Short Answer Biology Class-9 ICSE Concise Selina Publishers

Board ICSE
Publications Selina Publication
Subject Biology
Class 9th
Chapter-7 Respiration in Plants
Book Name Concise
Topics Solution of C. Short Answer Type
Academic Session 2023-2024

C. Short Answer Type 

Respiration in Plants Class-9 Biology Concise Solutions  

Page 65

Question 1.


(a) Respiration

(b) Combustion

(c) ATP


(a) Respiration — Respiration is a catabolic process of releasing energy from glucose for carrying out life processes.

(b) Combustion — Combustion or burning is defined as a physio-chemical process in which energy is liberated in the form of heat and light.

(c) ATP — ATP is defined as energy currency of the cell as it acts as the immediate source of energy for different life processes.

Question 2.


(a) Two raw materials of respiration.

(b) Two end products of aerobic respiration.

(c) Two microbes which normally respire anaerobically


(a) Glucose and Oxygen

(b) Carbon dioxide and water

(c) Bacteria and Fungi

Question 3.

Write the full forms of ATP and ADP.


ATP: Adenosine triphosphate

ADP: Adenosine diphosphate

Question 4.

What happens to the energy liberated in respiration?


The energy liberated in respiration is stored in the form of ATP inside the cells. Some part of it is lost as heat to the surroundings.

Question 5.

How is tilling of the soil useful for the crops growing in it?


Tilling makes the soil porous and airy. The underground parts of the plants get sufficient amount of oxygen for respiration. In this way, tilling helps the crops to grow faster.

Question 6.

Why is it usually difficult to demonstrate respiration in green plants?


During day time, both photosynthesis and respiration takes place in green plants. Evolution of COis an indicator to demonstrate respiration in living organisms. CO2 produced during respiration in plants gets utilized during photosynthesis and thus, there is no evolution of CO2. Therefore, it is difficult to demonstrate respiration in green plants as there is no evolution of CO2 during day time.

Question 7.

Can cell respiration occur in any organism at a temperature of about 65C? Give reason.


Cell respiration cannot occur in any organism at a temperature of about 65C because the enzymes involved in respiration become inactivated at high temperatures.

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