Respiratory System ICSE Class – 6th Goyal Bothers Biology Solutions Chapter-5 Unit-1

Respiratory System Class-6th Goyal Brothers ICSE Biology Solutions Chapter-5 Respiratory System. We Provide Step by Step Answers of Objectives,  Fill in the blanks, one word, Define the following, Differentiate between the following , True/False and Short/Long Question Type answers of Chapter-5, unit-1 . Respiratory System Visit official Website  CISCE  for detail information about ICSE Board Class-6.

Respiratory System ICSE Class - 6th Goyal Bothers Biology Solutions Chapter-5 Unit-1

Respiratory System ICSE Class-6th Goyal Brothers

Board ICSE
Class 6th
Subject Biology
Book Name Goyal Brothers
Chapter-5 Respiratory System
Unit-1 Respiratory System of Human
Topic Solution of exercise questions
Session 2023-24

 Respiratory System ICSE Class-6th Goyal Brothers

Biology Solutions Chapter-5 Unit-1

Que : I. Multiple Choice Questions – Tick mark (√) the correct choice :

1. The process in which food is oxidized and energy is released, is called

(a) Excretion                                        (b) Respiration

(c) Digestion                                         (d) Transpiration

Answer : option (b) Respiration is correct

2. The end products of respiration are

(a) Only carbon dioxide

(b) Carbon dioxide and water

(c) Carbon dioxide, water and energy

(d) Energy and carbon dioxide

Answer : option (c) Carbon dioxide, water and energy is correct

3. The process in which only exchange of gases takes place is called

(a) Respiration                                          (b) Breathing

(c) Combustion                                          (d) Internal respiration

Answer : option (b) Breathing is correct

Que : II. Fill in the blanks :

1. During respiration, when energy is released …carbon dioxide….. and …water releasing     energy…. are  also  produced.

2. Anaerobic respiration is carried out by …some bacteria and archaea….. .

3. The process by which energy is produced for use in various functions of the body is called .         ….cellular respiration……

Que : III. Give one word for the following :

1. The process by which breakdown of food into small molecules occurs.

Answer : Digestion

2. Physical process in which exchange of gases takes place.

Answer : Breathing

3. An infection of main airways of the lungs (bronchi).

Answer : Bronchitis

Que : IV. Write True (T) or False (F) in front of the statements given below :

1. In respiration, oxygen is required and carbon dioxide is given out.   [  F ]

2. In anaerobic respiration, complete breakdown of food takes place.   [ F  ]

Que : V. Define the following :

1. Respiration

Answer : Respiration is a chemical process that takes place in all living beings. In this process, food is taken by an organism that combines with oxygen to release energy.

2. Breathing

Answer : Breathing is the physical process of inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide.

3. Internal respiration

Answer : Internal respiration is the process by which oxygen breaks down food into carbon dioxide and water in order to liberate energy in the form of ATP.

4. Aerobic respiration

Answer : A chemical process in which oxygen is used to make energy from carbohydrates (sugars).

5. Anaerobic respiration

Answer : Anaerobic respiration is the process in which incomplete oxidation of glucose occurs in the absence of oxygen.

Que : VI. Differentiate between the following :

1. Breathing and Respiration

Breathing : breathing is a physical process wherefrom the atmosphere air is taken into the body.

Respiration : Respiration is a chemical process or is a chemical change because it takes in oxygen and uses it to release energy when energy is released, whereas breathing is a physical change since it just takes in oxygen.

2. Combustion and Respiration

Combustion : Combustion is a chemical process that occurs outside living cells or living systems. Combustion is an uncontrolled process.

Respiration : Respiration is a biochemical process that takes place in living cells to release energy. Respiration is a controlled biological process.

3. Aerobic and Anaerobic Respiration

Aerobic respiration : Aerobic respiration is a fixed metabolic reaction that takes place in the presence of oxygen, going on in a cell to transform chemical energy into ATPs.

Anaerobic Respiration : Anaerobic Respiration is a process of cellular respiration in which the excessive energy electron acceptor is neither oxygen nor pyruvate derivatives.

4. Pharynx and Larynx

Pharynx : The pharynx is a membrane-lined cavity present behind the nose and the mouth, connecting them to the larynx and esophagus respectively.

Larynx : The larynx is a muscular organ that forms an air passage for the lungs and vocal cord. It is a part of the respiratory system.

Que : VII. Answer the following questions :

1. Name the end products of respiration?

Answer : Carbon dioxide, water, and energy

2. Write in short about the process of respiration?

Answer : Respiration is the process of releasing energy by breaking down food (glucose) needed for various body activities.

3. Why do body cells require oxygen?

Answer : Oxygen gives our cells the ability to break down food in order to get the energy we need to survive.

4. What is the importance of respiration?

Answer : Humans get the oxygen they need by breathing through their nose and mouth into their lungs. Oxygen gives our cells the ability to break down food in order to get the energy we need to survive.

5. Draw the picture of human respiratory system and label its different parts.

Respiratory System Class - 6th Goyal Bothers Biology Solutions


6. What are the respiratory diseases? Give some examples.

Answer : Respiratory disorders, or lung diseases, are disorders such as asthma, cystic fibrosis, emphysema, lung cancer, mesothelioma, pulmonary hypertension, and tuberculosis.

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