Sample Paper Biology ICSE Class-9 Specimen Model 2020

Sample Paper Biology ICSE Class-9 Specimen Model 2020 . Specimen Model Sample Paper for ICSE Biology Class-9 . Sample Paper for ICSE Board Class-9 Biology. Hence by better practice of Sample Paper ICSE  Biology 2020 is very helpful for ICSE student appearing in 2020 exam of council.

sample paper ICSE Class-9

Sample Paper Biology ICSE Class-9 Specimen Model 2020



SCIENCE Paper – 3
(Two hours)

Answers to this Paper must be written on the paper provided separately.
You will not be allowed to write during the first 15 minutes.
This time is to be spent in reading the Question Paper.
The time given at the head of this Paper is the time allowed for writing the answers.
Attempt all questions from Section I and any four questions from Section II.

The intended marks for questions or parts of questions are given in brackets [ ].

SECTION I (40 Marks)

Sample Paper Biology ICSE Class-9 Specimen for 2020

Attempt all questions from this Section.

Question 1


Name the following: [5]
(i) The region of the axis between the point of attachment of cotyledons and
the plumule.
(ii) The undigested cellulose which is fibrous in nature.
(iii) A vaccine for Poliomyelitis.
(iv) A large hole at the back of the cranium through which the spinal cord
(v) A serious food poisoning disease caused due to a bacterium in tinned


Given below are sets of five terms each. Rewrite the terms in correct order in
a logical sequence beginning with the term that is underlined.
(i) Sacrum, Thoracic, Coccyx, Cervical, Lumbar
(ii) Larynx, Pharynx, Bronchioles, Nostrils, Alveoli
(iii) Pollen tube, Stigma, Ovary, Pollen grain, Embryo sac.
(iv) Rectum, Pharynx, Oesophagus, Duodenum, Stomach
(v) Nuclear membrane, Cell wall, Cytoplasm, Nucleolus, Cell membrane [5]



Differentiate between the following pairs on the basis of what is given in the
(i) Tendon and Ligament (function)
(ii) Parotid gland and Sublingual gland (location)
(iii) Tidal volume and Residual volume (volume of air)
(iv) Leucoderma and Albinism (type of disorder)
(v) Epidemic disease and Endemic disease (Example)[5]


Mention the exact location of the following:
(i) Pancreas
(ii) Ovules
(iii) Centrosome
(iv) Sternum
(v) Ceruminous glands [5]


Choose the correct answer from each of the four options given below:

(i) The barrier between the protoplasm and the outer environment in a plant cell is:
A. Nuclear membrane
B. Plasma membrane
C. Tonoplast
D. Cell Wall

(ii) The term neuter is given to a flower in which both:

A. Calyx and corolla are present
B. Calyx and corolla are absent
C. Androecium and Gynoecium are present
D. Androecium and Gynoecium are absent

(iii) In Vallisneria pollination takes place by the agency of:
A. Water
B. Wind
C. Birds
D. Insects

(iv) The group of plants having naked seeds:
A. Angiosperms
B. Bryophyta
C. Pteridophyta
D. Gymnosperms

(v) Mammary glands are modified:
A. Sweat glands
B. Gastric glands
C. Tear glands
D. Sebaceous glands



Match the items given in Column A with the most appropriate ones in Column
B and rewrite the correct matching pairs. [5]

Column A   Column B
(i) Patella   (a) Maize flowers
(ii) Adult man (b) Plasmodium
(iii) e-waste  (c) Knee joint
(iv) Anemophilous
(D) Plastics
(v) Malaria (e) 16 teeth in each jaw
(f) Mobile batteries
(g) Elbow joint

(h) 14 teeth in each jaw




Choose the ODD one out from the following terms given and name the
CATEGORY to which the others belong:
(i) Carbolic acid, Boric acid, DDT, Benzoic acid
(ii) Hepatitis, Cholera, Chicken pox, AIDS.
(iii)Vegetable peel, Syringes, CDs, Styrofoam.
(iv) Shark, Dogfish, Starfish, Trout
(v) Gram seed, Pea seed, Rice, Bean Seed [5]


Given below is a diagram depicting a physiological process in man.
Study the same and answer the following questions:

Sample Paper Biology Queston 1h

(i) Name the process occurring in the diagram.
(ii) Explain the process mentioned in part (i).
(iii) Label the gases ‘X’ and ‘Y’.
(iv) Write a balanced chemical equation for the process shown.
(v) Name the organelle where cellular respiration takes place.

SECTION II (40 Marks)

Specimen Sample Model Paper Biology for ICSE Class-9

Attempt any four questions from this Section

Question 2

(a) Study the diagram and answer the questions that follow:

Sample Paper Biology Queston 2a
(i) Label the parts 1 – 4.
(ii) Give the function of parts labeled 3, 4 & 6.
(iii) Name the protein present in the part labeled ‘1’.
(iv) Name the pigment that gives colour to the skin.
(v) Name the fluid secreted by the part labeled ‘5’. [5]
(b) Complete the following paragraph by filling in the blanks (i) to (x) with
appropriate words:
The hind limb consists of a long bone (i) ____________ in the thigh, two long
bones, the inner (ii) ____________ and the outer (iii) ____________ in the
shank, seven (iv) ____________ bones in the ankle, five long (v) ____________
bones in the middle of the foot and fourteen (vi) ____________ in the toes.
The forelimb consists of a long bone (vii) ____________ in the upper arm and

two long bones (viii) ____________ and (ix) ____________ in the lower arm.
The wrist has eight bones called (x) ____________.

Question 3


Study the diagram given below and answer the questions that follow:

Sample Paper Biology Queston 3a
(i) Identify the above structure and mention its location in a flower.
(ii) Label the parts numbered 1 and 2.
(iii) Explain the term ‘Double Fertilisation’.
(iv) What is the fate of the calyx and corolla after fertilisation?
(v) Draw a neat, labelled diagram of a pollen grain. [5]


Give an example for each of the following:
(i) A poriferan
(ii) An antibiotic
(iii) A coelenterate
(iv) A deficiency disease
(v) A mammal
(vi) An annelid worm
(vii) A reptilian
(viii)A fat soluble vitamin
(ix) An amphibian
(x) A protein deficiency disease.

Question 4


Study the experimental set given below and answer the following questions:

Sample Paper Biology Queston 4a
(i) What is the aim of the experiment shown above?
(ii) What is your observation after a few hours for flask ‘A’ and ‘B’?
(iii) Name the chemical used to prevent bacterial growth.
Explain how the bacteria would interfere with the experiment.
(iv) Why do we use thermos flasks specifically for the experiment?
(v) Which is the control set-up and why? [5]


Fill in the blanks with suitable words:
(i) (1) ____________

????? → (2) ____________
(ii) (3) ____________
                                            ???????→ (4) ____________

(iii) Emulsified fat
?????? → (5) ____________ + (6) ____________
(iv) (7) ____________
                                                   ??????? → (8) ____________

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