Shares and Dividend RS Aggarwal Goyal Prakashan ICSE

Goyal Brother Prakashan R S Aggarwal ICSE Class-10 Maths Shares and Devidend

Shares and Dividend RS Aggarwal Goyal Prakashan ICSE Class-10 Chapter-3. RS Aggarwal  Solutions of Shares and Dividend  Chapter 3 for ICSE Maths Class-10 is also called Goyal Brother Prakashan This post is Solutions of Chapter – 3 Shares and Dividend  of RS Aggarwal which is common famous Maths writer in ICSE Board in Maths Publication .

Share and Devidend RS Aggarwal Goyal Brother Prakashan

Shares and Dividend RS Aggarwal Goyal Prakashan ICSE Class-10

Step by Step Solutions of Chapter-3 Shares and Dividend is given to understand the topic clearly . Chapter Wise Solution of R S  Aggarwal including Chapter -3 Shares and Dividend is very help full for ICSE Class 10th student appearing in 2020 exam of council.

Chapter-3 Shares and Dividend RS Aggarwal Goyal Prakashan ICSE Class-10

Note:- Before viewing Solution of Chapter-3 Shares and Dividend of RS Aggarwal Goyal Brother Prakashan Solution. Read the Chapter Carefully . Then solve all example of your text book. The Chapter 3 Shares and Dividend is main Chapter in ICSE board .

EXERCISE – 3 Shares and Dividend RS Aggarwal Goyal Prakashan ICSE Class-10

Q.1. Find the market value of

(i) 350, RS 100 shares at a premium of 8.
(ii) 240, 50 shares at a discount of 5.

Answer 1

Question 2

. Find the annual income from 450, 25
shares, paying 12% dividend.

Answer 2


Question 3

Q.3. A man wants to buy 600 shares available.
at 125 having the par value 7100.

Answer 3


Question 4


Answer 4

13 % p.a.

Question 5

Find the market price of 12%, 25
shares of a company which pays a
dividend of 1875 on an investment of

Answer 5

Question 6

Mr. Ram Gopal invested 78000 in 7%,
100 shares at ?80. After a year, he sold
these shares at 75 each and invested
a The number of shares purchased.
the proceeds (including his dividend) in
18%, 25 shares at 41.
The annual dividend received.
The rate of return he gets on his investment.
(i) his dividend for the first year;


Answer 6


Question 7

Amit Kumar invests 336,000 in buying
R100 shares at ?20 premium. The
dividend is 15% per annum. Find ……….

Answer 7

Question 8

Ajay own 560………….share.

Answer 8

Question 9

Mohan Lal invested 29040 in 15
shares of a company quoted a:
premium of 20%. Calculate:
(i) the number of shares bought by Mohan lal

Answer 9


Question 10

A man invests a sum of money in 8800
buying shares, ………….:

Answer 10

Question 11


Answer 11


Question 12

Answer 12

Question 13

Answer 13


Question 14

Answer 14



Question 15

Answer 15

Question 16

Answer 16

Question 17

Answer 17

Question 18

Answer 18

Question 19

Answer 19


Question 20

Answer 20


Question 21

Answer 2

Question 22

Answer 22

Question 23

Answer 23

Question 24

Answer 24

Question 25

Answer 25

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